Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July & a Throwback Thursday!


I hope that all of you are out enjoying this wonderful holiday with friends & family today. We are experiencing some chilly weather & quite a lot of rain here in Alaska. This is my 5th year celebrating the holiday in Alaska, so in honor of that & the fact that it is a throwback Thursday I thought I would share some photos of my first 4th of July here, spent in the small subsistence community of Wiseman, AK.

I want to do a more detailed post about my first summer in Alaska when I worked in Coldfoot, AK on the Dalton Highway. Until then here are some moments captured by a then 20 year old girl on the adventure of her life, away from anyone she had ever known miles above the Arctic Circle. :) 

Musicans travel from all over the state to be a part of this 4th of July Celebration. With live folk, bluegrass music, kegs of beer & open flame grills, why wouldn't anyone want to be in Wiseman on the 4th of July?

 Myself (I still rock the HUGE silver earrings), Ben, who is still one of my closest friends from that summer, & Amanda, I have lost touch with her... 

 One of those open flame grills with sweet corn. Wisconsin still has the most delicious sweet corn in my opinion, but this was a nice treat that reminded me of home.

Some of the girls I spent my summer working, laughing & having an amazing time with that summer. :)

There are a few of the moments I captured that day, or someone else did because I'm obviously in some of the photos. I honestly have hundreds of photos from that day so I just picked a few at random for this post. I'm sure more will make an appearance in future throwback Thursday posts. 


as always,