Saturday, July 13, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Favorite Foundation, Drug-Store & High-End


After my technology melt down (incase you missed it, you can read about it here.), I force-quit i-Photo & properly ejected the hard drive, while I no longer have access to any of the photos I had taken I'm still able to use the computer. You are all just going to have to bear with me & photos that I'm taking with my i-Phone, emailing to myself & taking screen shots of. Now...let's talk about foundations! 
There are 2 foundations that I have been loving lately, 1 from the drug-store & 1 from a high end brand. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Stick Foundation in 115 

I'm a totally sucker for new products at the drug store, if there is an end cap with a *NEW* sign on it, I will be there checking out products & probably purchasing something. Lately I have really been searching for drug-store foundations that work on my skin. I do have combination skin, my t-zone tends to be pretty oily in the summer time with the rest of my face being relatively dry. I also have issues with blackheads on the tip of my nose & my chin, so foundation tends to set into my pores & gives a pretty unattractive finish. I tend to stay away from foundations that are mattefying or are designed for oily skin, since I do have some dry-spots I've found that products designed for overall dry skin work the best. Basically, with the experience I've had with my skin & foundations....I had no reason at all to purchase a "shine-free" aka mattefying foundation, but I did. Thank you marketing & end cap displays! ;)

Luckily for me this foundation has actually worked out very well for my skin. As you can see there is the outer gel foundation & the center core is an anti-shine core that has powders that are supposed to dissolve oils. I have really liked the convenience of having a foundation in stick form, it fits really well in my ipsy bags that I have been using for my make-up on-the-go bag. When it comes to coverage this foundation has relatively medium coverage & it is build-able to an extent without appearing cakey. For application I have preferred using a stippling or foundation brush over my beauty blender, with the beauty blender I felt like the foundation was sort of being wiped away instead of blending it. 
I selected shade 115 for myself & it is a pretty true color match for me! I'm pretty much pale 24/7, 365 so if you are too this would be a good shade to check out. There are 11 other shades available in the collection & it retails for $8.99. When I purchased mine there was a $2 off coupon from Maybelline on the end cap, so it is reasonably priced. 
Even with the warmer weather we have had this stuff has amazing coverage that has lasted pretty close to 5 hours every time I've wore it. I wore it yesterday to Bear Paw festival & then I had an evening wedding to go to, I was able to touch-up areas (chin & nose mostly) with some foundation & concealer & I was good to go! 
Now there are other foundations that I have liked better for longer or fuller coverage, but overall for my life at the moment & the Alaskan summer weather this is my favorite go-to foundation from the drug store! :)

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation-Natural Light Ivory
I have had this foundation for about a year now & it has been my favorite foundation that I have tried in 2012-2013. I purchased mine online from here, while it is a bit of a splurge compared to some drug-store & other high-end foundations I feel it is well worth it. It provides medium to full coverage & due to Micro-Smoothing-Complex I can usually get away with wearing it with out a primer. Now if I really need it to go from a full day to night I do use a primer to extend the longevity of the coverage. Like I mentioned with the Maybelline foundation I do have relatively dry to combination skin, so the Hydro-Producing-Complex that is in this Sheiseido foundation works really well, even on my problem pore areas. 
Now, the shade I purchased this in Natural Light Ivory isn't the best color match. I ordered it online without every swatching it in person & unfortunately this shade is a little too orange-apricotty for my skin tone. When I repurchase this I will go with the Very-Light-Ivory instead as it is a better overall color match. :) I haven't minded the color being a little off as I'm able to correct it with some concealer & blending for now. 

On top is the Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Stick Foundation in 115 & on bottom is the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation in Natural-Light-Ivory. As you can see the Shiseido is a bit more apricot toned compared to the Maybelline foundation, when it comes to the issues I feel I have with my skin I do like the Maybelline shade a bit better but I still love my Shiseido foundation so much! A little tip for swatching things (especially foundations & concealers), test them out on the back of your wrist instead of the front of your hand, the color tends to be closer to the actual skin tone of your face. I just swatch things on my hand for photos because it's easier to take photos & things show up a little better on camera. :)

Well you guys there they are, my current foundation faves! Now I usually switch up my foundation every 3-6 months so the fact that I still love my Shiseido after a year is pretty shocking to me! I'm not an all day-every-day foundation girl so that is why it has lasted me so long, plus I can't resist trying new make-up. 
I know that this post seemed a little bit like a review or comparison of 2 totally different foundations, but the Maybelline foundation is really new & there are not many reviews out there for it. So I figured if anyone was looking for some info about it this would be helpful. :) 

Stay tuned for my next 30-Days of Beauty Challenge post tomorrow & if you've missed my other recent posts check them out too!! 

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