Sunday, July 28, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 8-Favorite Clothing "Brand"

Hey guys! 
Justin returned home this week & my dad is on a flight to Anchorage right now! Needless to say I have been busy preparing for both of them to be here & of course Littlest Leader's 5th birthday party tomorrow afternoon. :) 
Today's post is supposed to be about my Top 3 Clothing Brands....I can name a lot of clothing brands that are in my closet right now & probably amongst them there are 3 that I prefer. However, none of them are stores I can personally go shop at in Alaska. Since moving here I have really struggled with finding clothes that I love. I like to have unique pieces that blend well with everyday staples, now the majority of the stores in Alaska are big chain with that being said I'm going to tell you which chain store is my go-to (it has become my go-to for EVERYTHING!!!) & the tips that I have for shopping there. 
If any of you live in Wasilla-Palmer or Big Lake, I bet you know what I'm going to say.....

Are you surprised? :) 

 I have loved shopping at Target ever since I first experienced going with my Mom as a kid. I always thought she was soooo cool when shy said "tar-jay" haha! When I went to college in WI the town my school was in had a Target & it became my go-to for anything in my apartments/houses. Then when I finally settled in Wasilla & it really was one of the best/only options for somethings I became hooked. 
Now, I have shopped at Target for everything from maxi-dresses to dog toys. I could probably walk you through every room in my house & point out at least 2 things from tar-jay in each one. So I'm going to give you some tips for getting the most out of your Target experience & how to find some stand-out pieces for your home/apartment/where ever you live (we lived in our travel trailer for almost a year & you know it had some Target pieces & still does!).

These are going to be in no particular order & a lot of them will probably relate to clothes shopping. :)

1.) Pay attention to the tags on clothes, Target styles things more by esthetic than sizing in their women's section. Check to see if the tag says *Women's*, *Misses*, *Juniors*, *Plus* or *Maternity*. Usually the maternity & plus sections are near each other or mixed together & the misses, juniors & women's sized clothing are all towards the start of the section.  

2.) TRY EVERYTHING ON!!! The sizes are not 100% consistent with what they say. I have a blend of dresses in my closet that range from Misses Size XL to Women's Size 14 & jeans from size 12 to size 16. It is really important to just take the time to try things on. If you aren't comfortable doing so in the store & can purchase them to try on at home- do it! Just make sure you understand the return/exchange policy & that you keep the tags/stickers intact.

3.) I like to wear everything else I want in an outfit to the store when I'm looking for a particular item. So if I'm in need of tops, I will wear my fave jeans, blazer/jean jacket, & accessories so that when I try on tops I know which ones will work with what I already have & which ones will not. The same goes for when I shop for pants, I will wear a top in a silhouette that I have a lot of or prefer at that time & the accessories that I feel works well with the overall look I"m going for. 

4.) Don't be afraid to take pictures! If you are going to try clothes on in the dressing rooms take pictures as you go. That way if there was something you weren't quite ready to purchase then you can review the photos at home with clothes you already have to make a better decision. Have fun with it & make your own look-book for pieces you want to invest in! (This works for clothes purchases in general not just ones at Target!) 

Moving on from clothes for a moment... :)

5.) Target has an AMAZING home-goods section! Keep an eye out for clearance items/sale items on the end-caps on the inside of the aisle. I can't even count the number of picture frames, candles, mirrors, ect that I have purchased for cheap over the years because they were on super sale hidden on the back of an aisle!

6.) Make a vision board or look book for your home before you go. If you are trying to find things for a particular room, jump on Pinterst & make a board full of the things you are looking for. Then when you are shopping pull it up to reference & compare the items you want verses the items in front of you. Currently, because we are gearing up to remodel our ENTIRE house I have a notebook & binder that I use for ideas & inspiration. I include clippings from magazines, printed things from my pinterest & so helps keep me from buying something that is an impulse purchase that really doesn't work with everything else in the room. 

7.) If you are comfortable with getting a Target Debit Card, I highly recommend it. You save 5% on every transaction & if you live in AK you get the Lower 48 Prices on Target's website, often with free shipping! It links directly to your checking account & there are no fees....It has saved us hundreds in the last couple of years, we have had some big purchases at Target & saving 5% has really helped us stay within our budget.

8.) Check for coupons. is a great place to check for coupons. Now, I'm not a coupon-er by any means. I once spent a week clipping coupons like a die-hard on TV only to save about $7 at the store. Yeah...Target does have some good coupons available sometimes though so it is worth checking out especially if you are going to make a toy or electronics purchase. 

9.) Every. Single. Tee-Shirt I have ever purchased from Target has shrunk in a weird way. Be prepared to have to treat them like they are dedicates when it comes to the wash.  Any more I save $$$ & try to order my tees online from J.Crew, the quality & fit is so much better & they hold up wash after wash. The Target t-shirts are probably the biggest disappointment when it comes to clothes, they seem so affordable but really they are just poorly made.

Ok you guys, for now those are my 9 tips for shopping at Target! I hope this helps some of you out & that there are a few other Target addicts like myself!

I apologize that my posts are taking a couple days for me to post them. My dad is here for his first visit ever to AK & we are busy spending time with him & showing him our little corner of the world. I'm sure you all understand that sometimes living life comes before blogging about your life. :) But don't worry I do have a TON of posts planned & I will just have to get up earlier to get them up & posted for you guys. :)

as always,