Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 6

Hey guys!
In the original 30 Days of Beauty Blogger Challenge Day 6 was your favorite Hello Kitty item. Now, I could of grabbed one of the girls many Hello Kitty toys or accessories & pretended for the sake of this post that it was mine....but I decided to modify today's topic to suit me instead. Day 6 is going to be all about....ALASKA. This is a type of post I would like to do once a month, but I haven't quite decided how it's all going to work. So, for today I'm going to share with you one of my latest finds in the Alaskan fashion world & the products that I've loved from them so far. 

I discovered this amazing apparel & design company through a friend liking their page on Facebook. When I saw this beautiful logo pop up, something in my brain just POPPED & I realized that this was the apparel & design team whose t-shirts I had been searching for, for months! Their concepts featuring some of the marine life of Alaska really captured my attention as I have always felt a bit more at peace on water than on land. I blame the 5,000,000 times I watched the Little Mermaid before I was 8. ;) 

The Salmon Sisters Facebook page features this on their about me section....
"Apparel and design made by two young fisherwomen of the Bering Sea, hoping to share their love for Alaska and the ocean with all the people of the world. All designs are original and made with special thanks to the species that we have used for inspiration. We love fish!"

They have an amazing approach to their line & their apparel designs are so unique & wonderful. My very first purchase was this Wild Salmon Tank in green (here it is shown in grey from their etsy store).
As you can see it has the Wild Salmon logo that I originally fell in love with. I have been wearing this thing non-stop all summer. My favorite way to style it is with my jean jacket (thanks mom for letting me shop your closet my whole life!), & a statement necklace. It is so comfortable & really an updated concept on the whole printed-tee style. 

 Isn't this picture hilarious?! This was Nikoli's reaction to his Dad catching a dragonfly! I ordered Nikoli the Spiny-Rockfish-Tee in blue for his birthday & he absolutely loves wearing it. Justin & I really like getting the kids clothes that are from Alaskan's or Alaskan Designing Company's. Plus the kids are always excited to wear shirts or hoodies or hats with Alaskan wildlife on them. I will be ordering Justin this same shirt in his size, when he saw Nikoli's his reaction was "Did I get one?"...haha! 

Now there are a couple more items that I'm truly lusting after from Salmon Sisters & the first is this Scout Wallet.
I love this sooooo much! I have an obsession with little pouches like this with zippers, then throw in navy blue & mermaids...yep, I'm done for. ;) I want to get one of these for me & also one for my sister-in-law, she is the only sister I've ever had after all. 

The last item on my lust list for now is the Rockfish Crewneck
This would be perfect for fall & I would love to try styling it with my rose-gold double chain necklace from bauble bar (popsugar July spoiler!!), & my denim vest. I know, I really, really like denim lately...its becoming a problem. 

Aren't all of these Salmon Sisters Designs amazing??! If you want to check out more (tote bags, men's hoodies, v-neck tees & other amazing stuff!), please check out their Facebook page here, as well as their website here & their brilliant etsy store here! 

What do you guys think? Would you like to see more posts about Alaskan Apparel Designers & Beauty Lines? There are quite a few amazing diamonds in the rough of Alaska! I would love to share them all with you. :) 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 7 of this Beauty Blogger 30 Day Challenge & my POPSUGAR monthly must have box review for July! 

as always,

****Other than the photo of Nikoli all of these photos were taken from the Salmon Sisters Facebook, Etsy & Website! I would of snapped pics of my own tank but its in the washing machine right now. :) ****