Monday, July 22, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-DAY 5!!! FINALLY. :)

Like I have mentioned in my last couple of posts, computer problems had taken over my blogging timeline & I've fallen a bit behind. Today I'm getting caught up, the sun is shinning outside & I just want to go enjoy it, but first a 30 Day Beauty Challenge post must happen! :) 

Day 5 is all about my favorite make-up brand. I seriously struggled to pick ONE brand that I favored above all else. Really I like certain products from specific brands...then a NEW line of cosmetics came into my life. By came, I mean I went to the 5th Ave Mall in Anchorage with a friend on a mission to try out products from 1 brand. ;) Since I have had over a week using them I thought I would feature them in this post, I have to say I really, really like them & plan to try out more products in the range in the near future. 

bare minerals loot
As you can see I made a dent with a mini-bare minerals haul. I'm going to show you each product & tell you what I think. bare minerals has officially become my fave brand of the moment. There are a couple standouts here that I'm so happy I found & they make me want to try more, more, more from the brand! 

READY Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 
I went to bare minerals with the intent of finding a foundation, the girl that assisted me was soooo nice! I felt like she really listened to the issues I wanted to address with my skin & the performance that I wanted from a foundation. She didn't push any additional products but she did offer some suggestions for things to try in the future. 
While I was in the store I tried on this shade-Fairly Medium it looked fantastic in the store & I was surprised that I wasn't on the fairest of them all spectrum. There really is an amazing shade range with bare minerals. :) Unfortunately now it is too light for my skin, I ended up getting a bit of a tan (or a tan for me!!!), over the last week. I'm now torn on getting a shade darker to wear for the remainder of the summer & using this one as my fall/winter color. As far as coverage goes it is fantastic, not to mention it is really easy to apply & goes on quickly. The coverage is build-able & I have really liked how weightless it is on my skin.

Prime Time Foundation Primer
While I was checking out products with the bare minerals associate I mentioned that I really was having issues with enlarged pores on the tip of my nose, so she suggested this primer over the other two that are available in the line-one is for oil control & the other is a neutralizing type all over primer. So far I have only used this with the bare minerals foundation, but I really do think it fills in my pores well & prolongs the wear of my foundation. I might test it out this week under some of my other foundations too. :) 

 READY blush in aphrodisiac 
I was really excited about this product in the store, it was the one product that was recommended to me that I didn't truly test out while I was there. While it is a beautiful peacy-coral color it just isn't very pigmented. I have to say that I will be sticking with my NARS blush in orgasm instead, I plan to actually return this blush & pick out something else from bare minerals. It is a bummer because I really, really like the feeling of this blush, I think I will just swatch the other ones in the READY line to see if there is something a bit more pigmented that would suit me better. :)

 READY Precision Face Brush
This was the brush that was used to apply the READY foundation on my face & it felt soooo soft. I chose to purchase it because I wanted to have a brush that I specifically used for my bare minerals face products. So far it is the only thing I have used to apply the foundation using the swirl & buff method that is recommended by bare minerals.

bare minerals High Shine Eyecolor in rose gold 
 My experience at bare minerals for the first time was so wonderful & it was totally topped off with finding the high shine eye colors. I haven't been into wearing a lot of glitter or shimmer for the last couple of years, but these were just so gorgeous I had to have them! I'm pretty much, overly, ridiculously obsessed with all things rose gold so when I saw this shadow I made a face that is somewhat a cross between an excited squirrel & a 90's preteen girl who met JT in his boy band prime. It is a totally wearable shade of rose gold with just a bit of shimmer which makes it a perfect staple for my day to day look as well as something I could make work in a more dramatic night out style.

Sooooo pretty right?! Now these shadows are designed to have a bit of fall out, so as the package recommends the best thing to do is to wipe the excess on the container & then pat this onto your lid. I like to follow it up by blending it with my Sigma blending brush, then it stays allllll day long. I have worn it with or without eye primer & the performance is amazing either way. If you are planning on blending it out as I do, I would suggest doing so right after you place it on your lid as it does tend to set in place pretty quickly.

High Shine Eyecolor in glisten
This was the second shade that I picked out. It is more of a grey-taupe color with the same wonderful shimmer that the rose gold has. Again the applicator is the same & I would suggest applying it in the same way I mentioned above. I have been wearing one of these shades pretty much daily since I picked them up. They are just so beautiful & make me want to try more eye products from bare minerals. 

Such a pretty shade! It really does make my blue eyes look so bright & beautiful! I love it! :)

What do you guys think? Are any of you bare minerals or bare essentials users? I would love to hear your product recommendations from the line. I'm truly intrigued by mineral make up now & all of the different options from make-up to skin care. I literally decided to try the brand out on a whim & just with these products it has become a favorite! If you want to check out the products yourself or learn more about bare minerals just check out their site here, it is full of info from their companies history to detailed info about each product. :) 

I hope you guys are having a great Monday & I will be back tomorrow with another 30 Days of Beauty post. If you have missed my first few days please check them out!!!

as always,