Tuesday, July 9, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 1, Favorite Eyeliner

I have been searching for a 30 Day Blog Challenge that was a good blend of beauty, fashion, hair & personal posts. Then I stumbled upon one from RosyChicc & with a couple of modifications it is now the perfect 30 Day Challenge for me! I plan to also do some additional posts on top of the ones for the challenge, which means lots of blogging for me & lots of amazing content for all of you! :) 

Day 1-Favorite Eyeliner.
Since I have a really hard time picking just 1, I decided to share my favorite liquid & pencil liner. Now, I bounce from eyeliner to eyeliner all of the time so these are my faves of the moment, don't be surprised if I come across a new favorite sometime in the future. Up first is my fave liquid eyeliner...

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner in Black Lacquer  ($6-$7)
This was released earlier this year as Maybelline's first 2-in-1 glossy liquid liner. I have to admit that when I first used it I was a little confused by the uniqueness of the applicator, it was designed to allow you to be able to apply either a thin or a thick line by simply turning the applicator. Once I figured out how to make the applicator work for me I was hooked! It has been my favorite liquid liner every since! I reach for it just about every day when I want to wear eyeliner, it makes creating the perfect cat-eye a cinch. 

 With the 2-in-1 function of the applicator you are able to create a line that is thin or thicker, depending on what kind of a look you're wanting to create. I usually create a thinner cat-eye line on each eye which is less of a challenge now with this liquid liner. :) 

MILANI Liquid Eye-Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil in 01 Black ($6.99)
Pencil eyeliners were the first type of liner that I have ever used & I have been on a mission to find my meant-to-be eyeliner match & so far this is it! The liner itself is extremely smooth & delivers a wonderful amount of pigmentation. I like to use this liner when I'm creating a more dramatic, smokey, eye look, I prefer to apply it & then smudge it out almost instantly, once this little liquid-pencil hybrid sets it is there to stay all day(or night) long! There are quite a few more shades available in this formula too, so if you are more adventurous with your liner color choices than I am you'll love them!

The third & very bottom line is the MILANI Liquid Like-Eye-Liner Pencil. After I took this picture I let the liner set a bit & then tried to smudge it out, it stayed in place so well! Like I mentioned above, if you are using this to create a smudged-out-smokey-eye look you have to be read to smudge it out right away when it is in more of a liquid state, otherwise it sets up beautifully like a pencil & there will be no smudging! :)

There are my favorite liners of the moment! If they change, don't worry I will let you all know. :) Both of these products are from the drugstore & can be easily found...check your local Walgreens, Target, or Fred-Meyer. Watch out for in-store or brand coupons too! Most of the time I get my eyeliner & mascara at the same time & they are Buy One-Get One 50% Off or something. Just be savvy & watch those drug store deals ladies! 

as always,