Friday, July 12, 2013

30 Days of Beauty Challenge-Day 3!


If you guys haven't already figured out, I have a really hard time picking just 1 favorite, this time I picked my favorite make-up brush & my favorite hair brush. :) 

Favorite Make-Up Brush-Sigma Tapered Face f25
If I had to pick one brush that I have reached for the most this summer it would be this one! Sigma brushes are new to my life & I honestly do not know what I ever did without them. :) 

Sigma-Tapered Face F25
This brush is from the Premium it was an accident that I even ended up with the Premium Kit. I had ordered a travel kit in the minty/teal color & somehow Sigma sent me the Premium Kit! They gave me the option of paying the difference between the two & keeping the Premium Kit which I decided to do because I just couldn't bring myself to send it back! If you are looking for an amazing tapered brush this is it, plus you don't have to purchase an entire set to get it, as it's available all on it's own! :)

I use this brush to apply everything! Blush, bronzer, shimmer, powder...basically anything that is a powder & needs to be blended out. I especially like it for blush, I am the WORST at applying blush evenly on both cheeks with this Tapered Brush it somehow comes out a lot more consistent & even. It is also amazing when I contour my face, which happens maybe once a week. ;)

This is not my Tangle Tamer. Mine is cobalt blue/black, it is embarrassingly full of hair & dry shampoo residue. I could not find a picture of it anywhere online, this is the same brush only it's purple. :) I purchased mine at Sally Hansen Beauty Supply & I believe it is similar to the tangle teaser brush. I use this to brush my hair when it is wet or dry & it does not get caught nor has it damaged my hair when it's wet. My hair is usually a tangled, knotted mess....even after I condition, apply leave in-conditioner & use a detangler. I do go quite a while between hair cuts so I know that plays a factor...but my hair is just always tangled you guys! Luckily this brush makes the actual brushing of my hair go a lot quicker & it has seemed to reduce the amount of breakage as well.  

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My July ipsy, birchbox & popsugar boxes were shipped out to me this week! Unfortunately it does take them a little longer to get all the way to me in AK than it does some subscribers in the Lower 48...but as soon as I have them in my hands I will get the reviews up for all of you! :)