Thursday, July 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge-Day 2...


Alright you guys...I already missed a day of posting on this challenge, whoopsie. I did post my June Favorites yesterday, I just wasn't able to get this post up as well. Blame my lawn, it just had to be mowed...actually I have to finish it up after this post because as I was mowing yesterday Mother Nature opened up & poured out a mini-monsoon. So...anyway, let's check out my favorite bag! 

Stella & Dot Weekender Tote in Elephant! 
This bag has been getting so much use & love this summer! Stella & Dot launched their 2013 Summer Bag Collection the same week I signed on as a stylist, I instantly fell in love with this purple & orange elephant print, I wanted every bag it was available in. Then I decided to behave like a practical stylist & ordered other bags in different trunk shows thank me. :) This tote has tagged along on road trips, boat trips, daily errands & even a romantic weekend getaway. It's chic & functional which are two must-haves when it comes to making the cut as my FAVORITE bag. 

The Inside. :)
More orange & purple in a diamond print, that is spill resistant! A mommy-must have! Now I don't carry this bag on a daily basis because its HUGE & not practical for the day-to-day bag functions. Whenever we are packing for camping, a road-trip (even just to Anchorage), or a weekend away this is the bag I use. 

It's EXPANDABLE! That's right, that cute little zipper detail isn't just there for chic-ness, it actually unzips & the bag expands...making it even more wonderful to pack for long weekends & getaways. As you can see when it's fully expanded there is the same diamond print...I think it gives such a beautiful uniqueness to the bag. 

So Adorable!
Lilliana wanted to model the bag for me, you can also see the detachable & adjustable cross-body strap. I really like when bags have a cross-body strap that is adjustable, it is a feature that I look for a lot now when I'm wanting to purchase a new bag.

Upclose of the Interior
I have to admit I really fell in love with this bag over this one little detail "let's get carried away" I adore Sex & the City, so when I saw this it reminded me of the rehearsal dinner for Carrie & Big, when Samantha (who I wish was my BFF), says Big got Carried was such a sweet statement for a best friend to make & I have so many fond memories of watching the show & the 1st movie that it made me really love this bag that much more. It's all in the details right? :) There is also a zipper compartment as well which is pretty deep & I use it for anything from toiletries to snacks.

Miss Lilliana
Like I mentioned before this bag is HUGE! It is about 1/2 the size of Lilliana without being expanded. :) There is also a really convenient open pocket on this side of the bag I like to put my cell phone or items that I know I will need to access often in this spot. All of the Stella & Dot handbags that I have (How Does She Do It Tote & The Medium Tote), have this pocket, which is really, really, handy.

No Bag Would Be Complete....
Without a companion! No matter what bag I'm using this companion holds the majority of my essentials, I just move it from bag to bag & then I always have everything with me. Didn't I mention that I wanted this elephant print in everything...I did allow myself to get the matching companion pouch. :)

I know this little cutie is not exactly a bag, but it really has become a favorite of mine. I literally cannot leave the house without it! As you can see with a little peek inside I keep a bunch of things tucked inside, flashlight, blotting papers, perfume, CJ's butter, lippies, lotion, pens, mini-Satsuma Body Butter...I swap things out depending on my plans for the day & I plan on getting another one (maybe in a different print) to use as a make-up bag. :) 

Oh summer time! I think I told her to imagine there were unicorns (her favorite) following her around & they were pooping rainbows. Not the most appropriate thing, sure, but it did make her laugh! :) 

If you are interested in your own Weekender Tote or Companion please shop my online Stella & Dot site here. Unfortunately both the Weekender & Companion are SOLD OUT(They will be back in stock soon, so let me know if you are interested!) in the Elephant Print. There are some other beautiful prints to choose from though! :)

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