Saturday, July 6, 2013

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas. Justin, I love you, but don't read this post. ;)

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up on August 4th! :) We haven't made any official plans for our actual anniversary, we will be in Seward from July 31st-August 2nd or so with Justin's parents &.....MY DAD! He is coming to visit on July 26th & will be staying with us for a couple of weeks, it's his first trip to AK & he wants to fish, fish, fish! 

I'm really excited to be getting so close to this milestone in our relationship. Sometimes I can't believe that I met the man I love in a dusty, truck stop in the middle of nowhere at 4AM. We have been together for 4 years & can say almost that we have been married for a YEAR!

With our anniversary rapidly approaching I have been scoping out some gifts for Justin. :) I don't want to spend a ton & I would like to just get him something so he knows how much this last year has meant to me. So far this is what I have found....

AK Brewing Co-Alaskan Winter Gear
Anything with an Alaskan Winter logo is perfect for Justin. Alaskan Winter is his favorite beer from the AK Brewing Co. Justin also collects pint glasses so I'm leaning towards getting him 4 of those & a sweatshirt. A man can never have too many hoodies that his wife may occasionally (ALWAYS) steal.

AK Salmon Sisters-Spiny Rockfish Tee
I ordered this shirt for Justin for Father's Day, at least I thought I did. When the package arrived I was so excited I just handed it to him to open...he pulled out a BOYS sized tee (too much late night retail therapy is to blame!). Nikoli lucked out & got a brand new blue tee that he has been wearing non-stop. Now I want to get one for Justin so they can match!

Wasilla Splatter-House Paintball
There is a deal on Groupon right now for a local paintball session. Unfortunately the Splatter-House is only open on Saturdays & Sundays with the Groupon expiring August 28th. We plan to spend as many of the summer weekends we have left together out of town camping, so this would be a gift I would have to discuss with Justin first before getting it, which ruins the whole fun of gift giving. Boo! Still it might be fun to book for us to use for a date later in August. 

Snap-on Credit
If I wanted to get a gift that I didn't have to think about, that I knew Justin would absolutely use...I would call up the local Snap-on distributor & make arrangements for Justin to purchase something. Since he is a mechanic he always needs something from Snap-on. Is it the most memorable or meaningful anniversary gift? Nope. But I know that it wouldn't collect dust or go unused.

 There are a few of the things that I have been considering as gifts for Justin on our first anniversary. I think the traditional 1st year anniversary gift is paper, so I guess I could get him a card & call it good, right? :) I know that he would like any of the things in this post, so now I just need to pick one. 

I hope that all of you are enjoying a long & fun 4th of July weekend! Back to beauty posts tomorrow.

as always,