Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's Review...Birchbox July!!!

Hey guys! Guess what finally arrived a few days ago? My July Birchbox! I think the shipping time is getting longer & longer each month, it's actually pretty disappointing. I just wish they would stop spending so much $$$ on wasteful paper products inside of their box each month & amp up their shipping. Even though this box took FOREVER to get here I'm totally thrilled with the all of the products (which is rare!) in my July Birchbox. 

July Theme:Power Play
This month birchbox gave us products that are all dedicated to helping us take control of any situation & to make the most of any moment. Birchbox partnered up with the characters from USA's hit series SUITS for inspiration for some of the samples.

Power Players
This is the extra card (waste of paper), that shows the picks from the SUITS characters. Now, I not only do not watch the show, but NONE of the products in my box were samples of any of these products. Really, I have no idea how the theme even tied into my box at all. When it comes to this months box being a cohesive collection that pairs well with the theme, it is a fail for me. Now, I mentioned already that I love all the products that are in my July box, & I do, I would of just preferred that birchbox saved the paper for the SUITS Power Players Card & left out the Power Play theme all together when it came to my box because it really just didn't work. 

Birchbox + Color Club-Wanderlust Collection in Pardon My French (Full Size $8)
I had another shade from this Birchbox+Color Club Collection in my June Box. While I was ok with that shade I was actually really excited to see this one. I have gotten quite a few purple polishes this summer in my subscription boxes & I think this one is my favorite so far. I'm still wishing I had the coral color from this collab. Usually I get a little irritated with re-peat brands/samples in my boxes but when it is a nail polish that I will actually wear I can't complain. :)

Kerastase-Masque Chroma Captive-Treat (Full Size $61)
One of the reasons I cancelled my original birchbox subscription was due to the overwhelming amount of foil packet samples that didn't contain enough product for me to really test it out. So, if there had only been one of these hair masque packets for me to use I would of been really disappointed, luckily birchbox gave me 2 so I was able to test it out! While the smell was really nice, I don't know that I noticed a true boost of vibrancy in my hair or that it necessarily locked in the color. I think I will save the second packet until I dye my hair next & then test the results.

Whish-Shave Crave Shave Cream in Blueberry (Full Size $20)
Before I even had my birchbox open I could smell something wonderful. At first I thought a perfume sample at burst open inside & expected everything to be covered in fragrance. Luckily that was not the case! This shave cream smelled so fantastic before it was even opened (it was still sealed) it certainly doesn't smell like blueberries but it does smell sweet & exactly how I want my shave cream to smell! It is a lotion style cream that does not foam, currently I use EOS shave cream which is the same style of a shave cream. I don't know that I would ever spend $20 on a shave cream but I certainly will use up this entire sample...probably on 1 leg. HAHA! 

Benefit Cosmetics-Hello Oxygen Wow! (Full Size $36)
Birchbox has this labeled as the SUITS Pick for my box, I'm seriously confused by the whole SUITS theme. The Hello Oxygen Wow! Foundation is not on the Power Players that was included in my box. Again, I just would of been happy with the SUITS theme being left out. I love getting anything that is from Benefit Cosmetics as they are one of my favorite brands. :) I've never tried this foundation though & I have to say its pretty phenomenal. In this photo I have used it at least twice & there is still plenty of product left for me to test it further. Plus the shade that was selected for me "I'm pure 4 sure"-IVORY is spot on with my skin tone. Yes, guys I'm pale year round. :) 
Birchbox Beauty Extra-Bobby Pins (Set of 6-$5)
Remember when the birchbox extras were full size razors & granola bars? It was so awesome to get a product that made me think "What?! This is an EXTRA?!!!" Now I kind of just feel "eh this is an extra."  I will get use out of these bobby pins so they aren't a bad item, just a little bit of a basic one. :) 

Scratch & Score Benefit Card
I posted a picture of this card on my instagram (aksadie12) when I first opened my birchbox. I was really excited to see what deluxe minis I could get with the purchase of a full size Benefit product (or $25 spent). The first circle I scratched off ended up scratching off the code as well, I can only make out part of the code so I hope I can figure out the rest. The second one came off a little better and it is for Sunbeam. I'm considering ordering the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! foundation & if I do it will be nice to get some other Benefit Cosmetics Products too. 

So what did you guys think? I really liked this box, I will be able to use every single product & get a true feel for the quality of them. :) Are any of you subscribed to birchbox??? If you are interested in getting your own box of samples a month it is $10 & you can sign up here. 

If you would like to check out my June birchbox review click here. 

Well I need to step away from the computer for a while 30 Days of Beauty Blogger Challenge is rapidly becoming a 45 day challenge! My dad is here to visit for a couple weeks & Justin is home at the same time after being gone for a long North Slope hitch....I'm trying to spend lots of time for them & tonight we are packing up to head to Seward for a Halibut fishing trip for a few days. :) So I will continue blogging post at a time. HAHA!!!

as always,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 8-Favorite Clothing "Brand"

Hey guys! 
Justin returned home this week & my dad is on a flight to Anchorage right now! Needless to say I have been busy preparing for both of them to be here & of course Littlest Leader's 5th birthday party tomorrow afternoon. :) 
Today's post is supposed to be about my Top 3 Clothing Brands....I can name a lot of clothing brands that are in my closet right now & probably amongst them there are 3 that I prefer. However, none of them are stores I can personally go shop at in Alaska. Since moving here I have really struggled with finding clothes that I love. I like to have unique pieces that blend well with everyday staples, now the majority of the stores in Alaska are big chain with that being said I'm going to tell you which chain store is my go-to (it has become my go-to for EVERYTHING!!!) & the tips that I have for shopping there. 
If any of you live in Wasilla-Palmer or Big Lake, I bet you know what I'm going to say.....

Are you surprised? :) 

 I have loved shopping at Target ever since I first experienced going with my Mom as a kid. I always thought she was soooo cool when shy said "tar-jay" haha! When I went to college in WI the town my school was in had a Target & it became my go-to for anything in my apartments/houses. Then when I finally settled in Wasilla & it really was one of the best/only options for somethings I became hooked. 
Now, I have shopped at Target for everything from maxi-dresses to dog toys. I could probably walk you through every room in my house & point out at least 2 things from tar-jay in each one. So I'm going to give you some tips for getting the most out of your Target experience & how to find some stand-out pieces for your home/apartment/where ever you live (we lived in our travel trailer for almost a year & you know it had some Target pieces & still does!).

These are going to be in no particular order & a lot of them will probably relate to clothes shopping. :)

1.) Pay attention to the tags on clothes, Target styles things more by esthetic than sizing in their women's section. Check to see if the tag says *Women's*, *Misses*, *Juniors*, *Plus* or *Maternity*. Usually the maternity & plus sections are near each other or mixed together & the misses, juniors & women's sized clothing are all towards the start of the section.  

2.) TRY EVERYTHING ON!!! The sizes are not 100% consistent with what they say. I have a blend of dresses in my closet that range from Misses Size XL to Women's Size 14 & jeans from size 12 to size 16. It is really important to just take the time to try things on. If you aren't comfortable doing so in the store & can purchase them to try on at home- do it! Just make sure you understand the return/exchange policy & that you keep the tags/stickers intact.

3.) I like to wear everything else I want in an outfit to the store when I'm looking for a particular item. So if I'm in need of tops, I will wear my fave jeans, blazer/jean jacket, & accessories so that when I try on tops I know which ones will work with what I already have & which ones will not. The same goes for when I shop for pants, I will wear a top in a silhouette that I have a lot of or prefer at that time & the accessories that I feel works well with the overall look I"m going for. 

4.) Don't be afraid to take pictures! If you are going to try clothes on in the dressing rooms take pictures as you go. That way if there was something you weren't quite ready to purchase then you can review the photos at home with clothes you already have to make a better decision. Have fun with it & make your own look-book for pieces you want to invest in! (This works for clothes purchases in general not just ones at Target!) 

Moving on from clothes for a moment... :)

5.) Target has an AMAZING home-goods section! Keep an eye out for clearance items/sale items on the end-caps on the inside of the aisle. I can't even count the number of picture frames, candles, mirrors, ect that I have purchased for cheap over the years because they were on super sale hidden on the back of an aisle!

6.) Make a vision board or look book for your home before you go. If you are trying to find things for a particular room, jump on Pinterst & make a board full of the things you are looking for. Then when you are shopping pull it up to reference & compare the items you want verses the items in front of you. Currently, because we are gearing up to remodel our ENTIRE house I have a notebook & binder that I use for ideas & inspiration. I include clippings from magazines, printed things from my pinterest & so helps keep me from buying something that is an impulse purchase that really doesn't work with everything else in the room. 

7.) If you are comfortable with getting a Target Debit Card, I highly recommend it. You save 5% on every transaction & if you live in AK you get the Lower 48 Prices on Target's website, often with free shipping! It links directly to your checking account & there are no fees....It has saved us hundreds in the last couple of years, we have had some big purchases at Target & saving 5% has really helped us stay within our budget.

8.) Check for coupons. is a great place to check for coupons. Now, I'm not a coupon-er by any means. I once spent a week clipping coupons like a die-hard on TV only to save about $7 at the store. Yeah...Target does have some good coupons available sometimes though so it is worth checking out especially if you are going to make a toy or electronics purchase. 

9.) Every. Single. Tee-Shirt I have ever purchased from Target has shrunk in a weird way. Be prepared to have to treat them like they are dedicates when it comes to the wash.  Any more I save $$$ & try to order my tees online from J.Crew, the quality & fit is so much better & they hold up wash after wash. The Target t-shirts are probably the biggest disappointment when it comes to clothes, they seem so affordable but really they are just poorly made.

Ok you guys, for now those are my 9 tips for shopping at Target! I hope this helps some of you out & that there are a few other Target addicts like myself!

I apologize that my posts are taking a couple days for me to post them. My dad is here for his first visit ever to AK & we are busy spending time with him & showing him our little corner of the world. I'm sure you all understand that sometimes living life comes before blogging about your life. :) But don't worry I do have a TON of posts planned & I will just have to get up earlier to get them up & posted for you guys. :)

as always,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let's Review....POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have July

Well the month of July is almost coming to an end & so far only ispy & now my POPSUGAR subscription boxes have arrived. I have no idea where my birchbox is, it was shipped the first week of the month & my eco emi just shipped this week. I have to say that I really wish the shipping to AK was better overall with all of the boxes, but I digress. Let's check out what was in the July box for POPSUGAR. 

If there is one thing you can expect from subscription boxes it's tea. While I'm not a daily hot tea drinker I do like to drink iced tea everyday, so for me this is a perfect item to receive. I hope that this stuff can break my addiction to Starbucks Passion Fruit Unsweetened Tea, seriously it has gotten a little out of hand. I think I will make some of this tomorrow & since it is caffeinated maybe I can skip my 2-4 daily cups of coffee. If Ginger-Peach isn't your flavor there is a Calypso-Mango & some other choices as well. 

Kitchen gadget type items are amongst my favorite thing to receive in my subscription boxes, especially when they are something I know I will use regularly. We are always making smoothies, protein shakes & iced beverages so this try is perfect! Plus, having ice cubes ready to go will be perfect with my Mighty Leaf Iced Tea! I also checked to see if this tray would fit in the freezer in our camper & sure enough it's perfect! Justin & I both like to have a mixed drink every now & again when we are camping & we never remember the ice, so maybe having this in the freezer will help correct that. My only complaint about this item....why the hell didn't they send us the fuschia version??? I would expect red in a special edition men's box or even in Justin's MANTRY, but everything with POPSUGAR is pink. 

If there was one product this month that I was completely *meh* about when I saw was this one. I know there are a lot of people out there who just love this stuff & were thrilled to receive it, I just am not a daily sunscreen user. Believe me I know the reasons I should wear it, but living in Alaska it just isn't part of my daily skin care routine. I wish I could say that by receiving this SUPERGOOP products & the COOLA sunscreen sample in my *ipsy* I will be wearing sunscreen 24/7 now, but I know that I won't. Although it will be nice to have a high end sunscreen to use on the days I need it & hey, maybe it won't clog my pores. But really, you can give me an amazing lip product over a sunscreen anytime, any day.

Nail polish is one of my favorite ways to infuse some color into my day to day look. This summer I have been wearing Essie's Bikini So Teeny almost non-stop. This NCLA polish for me is the purple equivalent to that shade, usually when you think of pastels spring comes to mind but this summer it is all about a mix of neons & pastels for me. I actually just applied this to my nails & I LOVE it! I finished it off with my ORLY Matte Top Coat & I think it will look great no matter what I decide to wear this week. :)


When I get my late-night-OMG-I'm-starving-did-I-even-eat-today-cravings, I always want something that is both crunchy & sweet. Now I'm not a crunchy cookie fan, something about a little delicious cloud of a chocolate cookie that *crunches* really isn't appealing to me. So when I saw these I wasn't really that excited by them. Then my late-night craving kicked in....they are AMAZING!!! They totally satisfied my nigh time snacking needs & while they aren't the healthiest thing (ie-kale chips) to munch on they are made with out trans-fats, GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors or preservatives. If I'm ever able to find them at a store near me I will purchase them, especially for road trips & the kids lunches. :) 

Plus a 20% Off Code
This is by far my favorite item in this months box. I've loved rose gold jewelry for a long, long time now & I've especially been loving things with chain or stud detailing lately. I already wore this necklace twice & both times I received numerous compliments on it.

Here is a picture I posted to my instagram yesterday when I was wearing the BAUBLEBAR necklace. I styled it with one of my fave sundresses from Target (it's about 4 years old), my fave sunglasses of this summer (also Target), a vintage jean jacket (thanks mom!) & some sparkly bow studs (Target haha!), the necklace really just tied everything together & made me feel that much more chic. Now, I seriously wish as a Stella & Dot Stylist that they would feature one of their amazing jewelry pieces or accessories in a subscription box so that I could rave about them! Maybe I should just do a post all about my favorite items from the NEW fall line anyway. :) 

The total price for the July box is about $108 & the monthly cost is $35. 

Do you want your very own POPSUGAR each month? Then click here to subscribe!!! :)

I have to say that this wasn't my favorite POPSUGAR I've ever received it certainly wasn't disappointing either. The SUPERGOOP just isn't for me & I would of preferred to see other items in different categories instead of 2 MUST HAVE FOOD items & 2 MUST HAVE BEAUTY items. Now, the hype of this supposedly being the anniversary box for POPSUGAR really made me think it was going to be spectacular. I guess August will be the anniversary box & they already emailed us a preview of a Gorjana-Griffin Gold Necklace with a $60 price tag. :) So I'm totally looking forward to that box next month! 

What did you guys think? Are any of you subscribers to POPSUGAR? :)

as always,

30 Days of Beauty Challenge, Day 7

Today's challenge post is my Favorite Animal, so keeping with the theme from yesterday about all things Alaskan I'm going to share with you my favorite AK creature....

I took this photo in the fall of 2009 near the Franklin Bluffs outside of Deadhorse AK. Now, it really doesn't do these creatures justice but I didn't have a great camera at that time. 

I just really think these big, hairy creatures are the cutest things. Especially when they are little, other people get excited about seeing the Polar Bears at the zoo, I just rush to get to the Musk Ox! If you want to see some ridiculously adorable photos of musk ox babies check out The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, AK, they post some awesome pictures on their Facebook page that you can check out here.

We actually have tickets to the Musk Ox Farm that I purchased from groupon that we need to use before the 28th of this month. If we do go this week I will add some better photos of my own to this post! 

Well that's it for today's 30 Days of Beauty Blogger Challenge post. :)

Hope you're all enjoying summer! Now, I have a lawn to mow & children to wrangle up for snack time. 

as always,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 6

Hey guys!
In the original 30 Days of Beauty Blogger Challenge Day 6 was your favorite Hello Kitty item. Now, I could of grabbed one of the girls many Hello Kitty toys or accessories & pretended for the sake of this post that it was mine....but I decided to modify today's topic to suit me instead. Day 6 is going to be all about....ALASKA. This is a type of post I would like to do once a month, but I haven't quite decided how it's all going to work. So, for today I'm going to share with you one of my latest finds in the Alaskan fashion world & the products that I've loved from them so far. 

I discovered this amazing apparel & design company through a friend liking their page on Facebook. When I saw this beautiful logo pop up, something in my brain just POPPED & I realized that this was the apparel & design team whose t-shirts I had been searching for, for months! Their concepts featuring some of the marine life of Alaska really captured my attention as I have always felt a bit more at peace on water than on land. I blame the 5,000,000 times I watched the Little Mermaid before I was 8. ;) 

The Salmon Sisters Facebook page features this on their about me section....
"Apparel and design made by two young fisherwomen of the Bering Sea, hoping to share their love for Alaska and the ocean with all the people of the world. All designs are original and made with special thanks to the species that we have used for inspiration. We love fish!"

They have an amazing approach to their line & their apparel designs are so unique & wonderful. My very first purchase was this Wild Salmon Tank in green (here it is shown in grey from their etsy store).
As you can see it has the Wild Salmon logo that I originally fell in love with. I have been wearing this thing non-stop all summer. My favorite way to style it is with my jean jacket (thanks mom for letting me shop your closet my whole life!), & a statement necklace. It is so comfortable & really an updated concept on the whole printed-tee style. 

 Isn't this picture hilarious?! This was Nikoli's reaction to his Dad catching a dragonfly! I ordered Nikoli the Spiny-Rockfish-Tee in blue for his birthday & he absolutely loves wearing it. Justin & I really like getting the kids clothes that are from Alaskan's or Alaskan Designing Company's. Plus the kids are always excited to wear shirts or hoodies or hats with Alaskan wildlife on them. I will be ordering Justin this same shirt in his size, when he saw Nikoli's his reaction was "Did I get one?"...haha! 

Now there are a couple more items that I'm truly lusting after from Salmon Sisters & the first is this Scout Wallet.
I love this sooooo much! I have an obsession with little pouches like this with zippers, then throw in navy blue & mermaids...yep, I'm done for. ;) I want to get one of these for me & also one for my sister-in-law, she is the only sister I've ever had after all. 

The last item on my lust list for now is the Rockfish Crewneck
This would be perfect for fall & I would love to try styling it with my rose-gold double chain necklace from bauble bar (popsugar July spoiler!!), & my denim vest. I know, I really, really like denim lately...its becoming a problem. 

Aren't all of these Salmon Sisters Designs amazing??! If you want to check out more (tote bags, men's hoodies, v-neck tees & other amazing stuff!), please check out their Facebook page here, as well as their website here & their brilliant etsy store here! 

What do you guys think? Would you like to see more posts about Alaskan Apparel Designers & Beauty Lines? There are quite a few amazing diamonds in the rough of Alaska! I would love to share them all with you. :) 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 7 of this Beauty Blogger 30 Day Challenge & my POPSUGAR monthly must have box review for July! 

as always,

****Other than the photo of Nikoli all of these photos were taken from the Salmon Sisters Facebook, Etsy & Website! I would of snapped pics of my own tank but its in the washing machine right now. :) ****

Monday, July 22, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-DAY 5!!! FINALLY. :)

Like I have mentioned in my last couple of posts, computer problems had taken over my blogging timeline & I've fallen a bit behind. Today I'm getting caught up, the sun is shinning outside & I just want to go enjoy it, but first a 30 Day Beauty Challenge post must happen! :) 

Day 5 is all about my favorite make-up brand. I seriously struggled to pick ONE brand that I favored above all else. Really I like certain products from specific brands...then a NEW line of cosmetics came into my life. By came, I mean I went to the 5th Ave Mall in Anchorage with a friend on a mission to try out products from 1 brand. ;) Since I have had over a week using them I thought I would feature them in this post, I have to say I really, really like them & plan to try out more products in the range in the near future. 

bare minerals loot
As you can see I made a dent with a mini-bare minerals haul. I'm going to show you each product & tell you what I think. bare minerals has officially become my fave brand of the moment. There are a couple standouts here that I'm so happy I found & they make me want to try more, more, more from the brand! 

READY Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 
I went to bare minerals with the intent of finding a foundation, the girl that assisted me was soooo nice! I felt like she really listened to the issues I wanted to address with my skin & the performance that I wanted from a foundation. She didn't push any additional products but she did offer some suggestions for things to try in the future. 
While I was in the store I tried on this shade-Fairly Medium it looked fantastic in the store & I was surprised that I wasn't on the fairest of them all spectrum. There really is an amazing shade range with bare minerals. :) Unfortunately now it is too light for my skin, I ended up getting a bit of a tan (or a tan for me!!!), over the last week. I'm now torn on getting a shade darker to wear for the remainder of the summer & using this one as my fall/winter color. As far as coverage goes it is fantastic, not to mention it is really easy to apply & goes on quickly. The coverage is build-able & I have really liked how weightless it is on my skin.

Prime Time Foundation Primer
While I was checking out products with the bare minerals associate I mentioned that I really was having issues with enlarged pores on the tip of my nose, so she suggested this primer over the other two that are available in the line-one is for oil control & the other is a neutralizing type all over primer. So far I have only used this with the bare minerals foundation, but I really do think it fills in my pores well & prolongs the wear of my foundation. I might test it out this week under some of my other foundations too. :) 

 READY blush in aphrodisiac 
I was really excited about this product in the store, it was the one product that was recommended to me that I didn't truly test out while I was there. While it is a beautiful peacy-coral color it just isn't very pigmented. I have to say that I will be sticking with my NARS blush in orgasm instead, I plan to actually return this blush & pick out something else from bare minerals. It is a bummer because I really, really like the feeling of this blush, I think I will just swatch the other ones in the READY line to see if there is something a bit more pigmented that would suit me better. :)

 READY Precision Face Brush
This was the brush that was used to apply the READY foundation on my face & it felt soooo soft. I chose to purchase it because I wanted to have a brush that I specifically used for my bare minerals face products. So far it is the only thing I have used to apply the foundation using the swirl & buff method that is recommended by bare minerals.

bare minerals High Shine Eyecolor in rose gold 
 My experience at bare minerals for the first time was so wonderful & it was totally topped off with finding the high shine eye colors. I haven't been into wearing a lot of glitter or shimmer for the last couple of years, but these were just so gorgeous I had to have them! I'm pretty much, overly, ridiculously obsessed with all things rose gold so when I saw this shadow I made a face that is somewhat a cross between an excited squirrel & a 90's preteen girl who met JT in his boy band prime. It is a totally wearable shade of rose gold with just a bit of shimmer which makes it a perfect staple for my day to day look as well as something I could make work in a more dramatic night out style.

Sooooo pretty right?! Now these shadows are designed to have a bit of fall out, so as the package recommends the best thing to do is to wipe the excess on the container & then pat this onto your lid. I like to follow it up by blending it with my Sigma blending brush, then it stays allllll day long. I have worn it with or without eye primer & the performance is amazing either way. If you are planning on blending it out as I do, I would suggest doing so right after you place it on your lid as it does tend to set in place pretty quickly.

High Shine Eyecolor in glisten
This was the second shade that I picked out. It is more of a grey-taupe color with the same wonderful shimmer that the rose gold has. Again the applicator is the same & I would suggest applying it in the same way I mentioned above. I have been wearing one of these shades pretty much daily since I picked them up. They are just so beautiful & make me want to try more eye products from bare minerals. 

Such a pretty shade! It really does make my blue eyes look so bright & beautiful! I love it! :)

What do you guys think? Are any of you bare minerals or bare essentials users? I would love to hear your product recommendations from the line. I'm truly intrigued by mineral make up now & all of the different options from make-up to skin care. I literally decided to try the brand out on a whim & just with these products it has become a favorite! If you want to check out the products yourself or learn more about bare minerals just check out their site here, it is full of info from their companies history to detailed info about each product. :) 

I hope you guys are having a great Monday & I will be back tomorrow with another 30 Days of Beauty post. If you have missed my first few days please check them out!!!

as always,

Let's Review-July *ipsy* Review

I cannot believe it is almost the end of July already! To anyone waiting on this review I apologize that it has taken me this long to get it up. Between the computer issues last week & the ridiculous amount of time it takes my subscription boxes to get to me I know most ipsy ladies have already gotten their boxes. Still I thought I would share the products that I received this month anyway. :)

 The Bag
Totally on trend & fab! This month's ipsy bag is so fun, it reminds me of jellie shoes & see-through purses from my childhood. Plus it is neon pink & a fun change from the usual ipsy bags. As much as I want to find a use for this bag myself, I think I have two little girls who would love it even more than me. Looks like this bag is for sharing! :) 

 Big Sexy Hair-Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray 1.4oz (Full Size $18.95)
I'm always pleased to see a big sexy hair product in any of my subscription boxes. I wish I had known this stuff existed when I was still living in WI! The weather there is so much more humid than it is in AK, so when I wear this product I don't know that I'm going to be able to judge it accurately. It does smell very much like a salon hair product which is really nice too. 

derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub 1.0 oz (Full Size 2.0oz $32.50)
I'm a huge fan of facial scrubs, especially ones that are made 100% vegan as well as paraban, sulfate, & cruelty free. This scrub was also made with out mineral-oil, glycol, lanolin, & GMO's. So without all of those things you might be wondering what exactly this jar a is filled with? It is an exclusive crystal blend with Dead Sea Salt & Volcanic Sand. It is also enriched with Lime & Lemon peel which are natural astringents plus a does of antioxidants of Grapeseed & Vitamin E. This stuff smells sooooo good too! I'm truly dedicated to my Michael Todd True Organics skin regimen, this scrub is formulated with similar ingredients as well as being a natural product so I think it will fit in nicely to my skin care routine. :)

bh cosmetics-California Collection Eye Shadow Sampler 
 (Each Full Size Palette Currently on Sale for $9.95)
The previous eyeshadow samples I've received in my ipsy have honestly been a bit of a miss, they were shades that I either couldn't use or just didn't have great pigmentation. These three shades, one of each from bh cosmetics new Hollywood, San Francisco, & Malibu palettes Each of these is something I would wear (not at the same time.), & I did go check out the individual palettes on bh's site as well, they are on super sale right now for about $10 a piece! Before you go purchase let's check out some swatches. 

As you can see I somehow swatched the shadows backwards. The gold one is from the Malibu palette & it is a true gold with just a hint of shimmer. San Fransisco is a bronzey-brown color that also has some shimmer, this shade will blend in well with the other shades I'm using on my day-to-day eye look of the moment. Now, the purple from the Hollywood palette looks absolutely beautiful in the sample, then when you swatch it out, it becomes an under-pigmented, underwhelming purple. However it is build-able, the swatch you see above was achieved from about 4 swatches on top of one another. I will have to wear these shadows on my eyes to see how they actually perform before I decide if I want to purchase the complete palettes.

Coola spf 20 Mineral Sunscreen .23 oz (Full Size 1.7oz $36)
I have to admit that I rarely wear sunscreen, I know, I know it is a sin when it comes to the skin care world but literally every sunscreen I've used on my face has made me break out! Now when I'm camping or know I will be out in direct sunlight for hours at a time I do try to remember to wear sunscreen, so this will be good to have on hand in a couple of weeks when we will be camping.  As far as sunscreens go this one is formulated with a Titanium Dioxide based formula as well as 98% natural ingredients, there is also cucumber extract to calm skin. For me this was the product I was the least excited about...I know I won't be purchasing a full size of this any time soon. 

POP beauty pouty pop crayon in Coral Crush ($18 for 6 online)
I saved my fave for last! :) I'm always thrilled to receive anything from POP beauty in any of my subscription boxes...especially when it is a fantastic lippy!! These balms are super moisturizing & come in a range of 6 shades, so far I like this way better than the REVLON kissable-bitten balm stain things, I just cannot get past the taste or smell! This one still has the minty sensation & smell to it, it just doesn't bother me as much. Oh, are you wondering about the pigmentation? Let's check it out....

It is a pretty coral color that is absolutely perfect for summer! The pigmentation is wonderful & I have worn it quite a bit & the longevity of the wear on your lips isn't fantastic, but it is a balm so that is to be expected. It also is a twist-up style crayon, which I so prefer over ones you have to sharpen. 

Well friends there is my *ipsy* by you for the month of July! What did you think? Are any of you subscribers to *ipsy*??? I would really like to see the other POP lippy shades & the nail polishes that some subscribers received. :)
If this review perked up your interest in getting your very own *ipsy* it is $10 a month & you can check it out here.

as always,

PS. My POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have box finally arrived on Saturday so that review will be up sometime this week. My birchbox shipped weeks ago, no idea where that is. haha! Eco-Emi just sent a shipping conformation email over the weekend....many many more reviews coming to you this month!!! :) -love-

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Weekend-Bear Paw Festival


Holy computer issues! I'm back you guys!! I finally managed to recover ALL of our photos & get our external hard drive up & running again. If you have any Mac trouble & you live in AK, just call up the Mac House-those guys saved my memories & my sanity. Now I have successfully backed up 5 years of photos to an online location & can start blogging again! I'm going to pick up with the post I was working on when everything went haywire the last time & then get caught up on my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge. :) So last weekend....

 The kids & I went to the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River with Justin's parents, Jessica (J's sister, one of my best friends!) & her two sons. We spent the day taking the kids on rides, playing carnival games, indulging in delicious Alaskan food & checking out all of the local crafters & vendors.

Lilliana is now tall enough to go on some of the rides alone, even though Nikoli is her twin he is actually a couple of inches shorter than Lilliana is. Danielle is tall enough to ride the kiddie rides without an adult, but for the rest of them she needs an adult. Luckily at Bear Paw there is a pretty good variety of rides for kids of all ages. :) The kids have always loved rides like this one, they enjoy pretending to drive & fly all sorts of things. As you can see Lilliana loves to wave at all of us & Danielle is totally into driving. Nikoli actually smiled for a few photos, usually he looks so serious & focused, much like his Dad whenever he is doing any sort of driving. 

Danielle & Kian
While these two were having the best time Lilliana & Nikoli were freaking out on the rocking pirate ship ride. The ride operator had to stop the ride early to let the two of them off early, I have no idea why they got so scared, they were on it with their cousin Aidan (Kian's big brother) & a bunch of other kids. After that we didn't let them go on any rides alone (Lilliana had panicked on the top of the slide on the fun house), & I'm prepared for break downs again at the fair. Danielle & Kian love this ride though! They are both the youngest kids in their house holds & as you can see neither one of them are shy when it comes to taking pictures. There were so many cute ones I had a hard time picking out just 2 to share!

 Games with Grandpa
All of the kids were able to go & play a bunch of carnival games with Grandpa. First the boys went & then the girls were able to go. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the boys, I think Danielle, Kian & Lilliana were all riding rides still, but who knows! The girls loved the little squeaking critters they won at the Pick-a-Duck game, now a week later I wish they hadn't won sooooo many! 3 kids with 2 each....squeak, squeak, squeak! haha!

Pony Rides!!!
Since the ponies are on the opposite side of the Bear Paw event from the carnival rides & games we finished up the kids portion of the day with pony rides! It's the kids favorite thing to do at any fair, carnival or festival. Nikoli didn't have a preference as to which pony he road, but the girls sure did! Lilliana had to have the littlest one, I think we've watched too much My Little Pony lately. ;) Danielle on the other hand waited to have the BIGGEST one! It's so much fun watching their personalities come through as they get older.

After the pony rides we walked through the vendor area & made some purchases. I had put my camera away & forgot to get it out again to get some snap shots of the rest of our day....we ate some amazing food & ended up letting the kids go back & play a few more games when Michael (Jessica's Husband), got off of work & met us there.
The kid went to Jessica & Michael's for a sleepover & I went to a friends wedding. It was a beautiful summer Friday & we all had so much fun!

What have all of you been up to this summer? Are there any local-festivals near you? :)

Well it certainly feels good to be getting back on track with my posts....stay tuned for the massive catch up on my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge!

July Fashion Wish List
30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge-Posts so Far! :)
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