Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Beauty Favorites, HOORAY!!!

Hey guys,

I really wanted to be able to make my May Favorites into a video for my youtube channel, but I still have not been able to figure out a set up for me to be able to film. Hopefully, when it's time for my June Favorites you will all be watching a video, not just reading another blog post. ;)

I've broken things down into categories, the first being....


Bioderma Crealine H2O
I was really, really, really, really late in jumping onto the bandwagon for this product. While it was a huge hit in the youtube-beauty guru world, I didn't know anyone personally who was using it. After watching it sit in my amazon's saved for later section for over 6 months I decided that I would just take the risk & purchase some. Well you guys, I should of ordered it the day I first found it on amazon, it's amazing! The product itself is made in France but there are various USA distributors. It is a must have make-up remover; that is scent-free & feels like you are removing layers of make-up & dirt with pure water. I'm half way through this first bottle & have already ordered a second one, the shipping takes about 2-3 weeks to get here so I wanted to make sure I didn't run out! 

Michael Todd True Organics-Hyaluronic Acid + C Antioxidant Moisturizing Serum
This is another product that I had heard the youtube beauty guru world raving & raving &....raving about. I have always been a huge fan of organic & natural skin care products so I was instantly interested in the entire line offered by Michael Todd. My skin literally FREAKED OUT back in the first couple weeks of April. I actually ended up in the ER because my entire face & neck was covered in a red rash that was a combination of hives & an eczema type rash. The Dr. that examined me ended up prescribing me a topical ointment for it, luckily it was cleared up within a few days but I decided to just make the switch to using Michael Todd products on my face.  This serum in combination with the other products has completely changed the way my skin looks & behaves. I will be doing a skincare post soon which will feature everything I have been using from the line. :) If you have combination to dry skin this is a total stand out product!

I purchased this back in January from Sephora, while I have liked it since then it has become a favorite product in the last couple of weeks. When spring & summer rolls around I tend to pull back on the amount of make-up I wear, especially when it comes to foundations/powders. This BB cream gives me enough coverage that I feel comfortable going without a full face of make-up during the day. It also has an SPF of 20 which is perfect for summer time!

AVON-Elements-2 in 1 Eye Brightening Roller
For those of you that didn't know I am an AVON/mark beauty consultant & while I'm 100% in love with Michael Todd True Organics I can't help myself from trying new fun things! When I saw this eye brightener in a preview catalog I just had to order it to test out. Well it's made it's way into my daily skin care routine as one of my favorites. :) The roller itself vibrates when you twist the bottom & the vibrations help the product penetrate deeper into the skin, ideally, making the product work even better. I use this every morning & almost instantly I see a reduction in redness & puffiness, plus I'm becoming really aware of every single sign of a wrinkle on my face. So prevention is a must!

LUSH Cosmetics-Sweet Lips-Lip Scrub
Would someone please open up a LUSH store in Alaska??? Preferably in the Mat-Su Valley or Anchorage? Thanks! :)  For years I used a lip exfoliating balm from Bath & Body Works, but with my last LUSH order I decided to test out a new lip scrub. I had thought the only flavors they made were mint & bubblegum (I like mint food type items but not beauty products & even the slightest scent of bubblegum makes me queasy!), so I had never bothered to try one before. I was thrilled when I saw this sweet chocolatey flavor! I use it almost daily in the morning before I apply any other lip products & it keeps my lips from having any unsightly dry-flakiness. The kids even love using it & then licking their lips to taste the sugary sweetness!


L'OREAL MagicLumi Concealer in Light/Pale 862
I have gone through 2 of these concealers already! It is my must have for using under my eyes & to contour my nose. I'm actually a huge fan of the entire MagicLumi line by L'Oreal including the foundation & the brightening primer. As I mentioned with the NAKED BB Cream I have been using minimal face make-up lately, usually it involves this primer & a tinted moisturizer/bb cream. I even have this concealer purchased a shade darker so that I can use it when I get a deeper summer glow going on. ;)

Maybelline-Limited Edition Blush in Wild Blossom 205
Maybelline blushes & I have had a love/hate relationship since I was about 13 so I usually only purchase shades that have been recommended to me or that I have heard multiple rave reviews of. Somehow I ignored all of my previous bad luck with Maybelline blushes a few months ago & grabbed this from an end-cap display at my local Walgreens. I got home & went to put it away I thought what the hell am I going to do with this blush?? Well I finally opened it this month & I'm blown away! Now that I have spent a little time in the sun it is the perfect baby-doll pink color for summer. It does have quite a bit of shimmer to it, so if totally matte blushes are your thing do not purchase this! :) ***This stuff is selling for $19.99 on Amazon. CRAZY BABY!!***

(This photo is from here. I had to do a Google search for a photo, I forgot to snap one myself & the lighting was terrible by the time I realized it!) 

Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Light/Medium
I have struggled to find a completely matte bronzer that does not oxidize to the point of making my round head look like I belong amongst all of the other carved gourds on someone's porch during Halloween for years! Now, this bronzer is not 100% matte but the shimmer doesn't really show up too much on my skin & even more importantly no oxidizing! While I'm still on the hunt for the perfect matte bronzer that doesn't make my face look dirty or orange, this has become my go to for this summer.

Urban Decay-All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray
The bad luck I have had with beauty products being destroyed when I travel is unreal! I had a brand new full size of this sucker that ended up breaking open in my checked luggage a few months ago. I was so upset that I placed an online order & somehow selected this little bottle. I think it has about 5 sprays left in it, so not only is it a May Favorite it will soon be ready for a product empties post/video.


WET N WILD-Eye Palette in Comfort Zone 738
If you are looking for an affordable eye shadow palette that can create multiple looks, this is the perfect palette! All of the colors are highly pigmented, crease free & last all day long. I have been using this almost every single day this month & I recommend it to anyone as a must have from the drug store! 

(I took this photo inside, somehow I swatched all the shades outside & snapped a photo, but forgot about the palette picture completely!) 

 (The farthest right swatch is the shade on the top left of the palette photo & then on down...I know it is backwards, but that's what happens when you shoot photos at 10PM!)

REVLON Grow Luscious by Fabulash
The only reason this mascara made it into my collection is because I was searching for the new Lash Potion by REVLON & it was no surprise to me that I could not find it at any drugstore(Alaska is always late with new product releases at the drugstore). This stuff was EVERYWHERE though, so after my third drugstore in a week I finally gave up & purchased this one instead. Luckily more me it turned out to be amazing & I'm so happy with it. The wand itself is bigger than my eyeball, it's a total full effect, lengthening, drama creating mascara (my absolute favorite kind)! I still want to get a hold of the Lash Potion mascara soon though. ***Found the Lash Potion @ Target today!***

(REVLON has the most beautiful mascara packaging!)

 (This wand is huge!)

Milani Cosmetics Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Wear 2 in 1 Pencil  (06 Royal Purple)
A couple of weeks ago I was on the hunt for the perfect drug store make-up for a purple smokey eye look & I stumbled upon these Milani Shadow Eyez. I instantly grabbed the Royal Purple shade & it was absouletly perfect for the look I created. Due to it's 2 in 1 formula I was able to use it as a shadow that blended out beautifully, I will say that you need to blend it in right away because once this stuff sets it is there for 12+ hours! It also didn't smudge or crease on my lids which was spectacular. 
(I could not get my damn iphone camera to focus on this product! Sorry for the blur!)

(This crappy photo does not do this pigmentation justice! It is so dark & purple & beautiful!)

Milani Cosmetics 3D Glitzy Gloss (39 Fashion Diva & 40 Starshine)
Milani glosses have always been a drugstore favorite of mine, but these are a fairly recently new formula that I love! The purple caught my eye right away & since I didn't have a purple sparkly gloss in my collection I decided to just test it out, well I'm so glad I did because I have been wearing it all, the, time. It looks great on top of blue toned bright pinks & the Starshine is a great companion for wearing over more nude toned pinks. These glosses are REALLY sparkly & smell really sweet. There are a few other colors in the collection & the regular Glitzy Glosses are a great choice too! 

(Once again, this photo doesn't show how pigmented & sparkly these glosses are. Fashion Diva is on top & Starshine is on the bottom.) 

Wet N Wild Shocking Pink 905 D
I have recently fallen in love with Wet N Wild lipsticks & although they are a little drying to the lips I think they are a great bargain! This is a beautiful blue-toned pink shade, it isn't as bright as some of the pink shades in the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids line, so it is perfect for days when all I want to do is throw my hair up in a messy bun, wear some big sunnies & call it a day! I really like to layer it with both of the Milani glosses I mentioned, with the Fashion Diva shade it appears much more blue toned & with Starshine it stays appears very pink.  

 (I wanted to take this photo inside so that I could add a background that would show how pink the color really is, in the swatches outside it appears as more of a red toned hue.)

(The top swatch has Fashion Diva swatched over it on the left & Starshine on the right. The bottom swatch is just Shocking Pink, all alone. ) 

AVON-Spring Fling Lip Balms in Coconut Flower 
I have all 4 of the balms in this Spring Fling collection but this one is by far my stand out fave! It has a really light coconut scent & adds a little bit of a glossy look to your lips. It has become my go to balm on days when I don't feel like wearing any sort of color on my lips. The other 3 shades all have a bit of a tint which is about as pigmented as some of the Maybelline Baby Lips

The Body Shop-Body Butter in Satsuma
My obsession with The Body Shop started when I was about 12, one of my aunts let me try a Body Butter & from then on I was HOOKED! The Satsuma scent is so wonderful! It's citrusy, sweet & amazing! It has been my go to choice for so long I don't think I've ever had another favorite, although Strawberry & Mango come close. One of the ladies that works at The Body Shop in Anchorage knows me as the Satsuma girl & she tries to steer me towards new scents all the time & we just laugh because no matter what I will purchase something in Satsuma! I especially love the little mini one I carry in my purse for emergency dry skin situations! Please, go to a Body Shop near you & smell this stuff! :) 

Bath & Body Works Mist in Bali Mango
As much as I love BBW (candles, body mists & hand soap!), I have to space out my orders online because they charge a TON for shipping to AK! People at BBW, if you're reading this, your shipping to AK should not be more expensive than your overseas shipping!!! Especially if you do not have a brick & mortar store in this state! Ok, ranting about shipping aside...this is a perfect scent for summer time. I purchased the travel size during one of BBW sale periods where all travel sizes were 3 for 10. For me it is the perfect way to try new scents, if I don't like them I can easily give them to someone else & they are perfect for travel & carrying in my bag. :) Now, I'm not sure who at BBW decided to call this Bali MANGO, according to the scent description on their site there isn't even a drop of mango in it! It is still a really sweet, fruity scent that I have loved wearing & I'm constantly being asked what I'm wearing. 
Jennifer Aniston Fragrance Roller Ball
This perfume has been in my top 5 since it came out! I really need to get a full size, but I have been able to get my hands on a TON of samples of it (Thanks Mom & Sephora!), so I haven't needed to yet. When Justin & I had our mini-getaway I was able to spend some time in Sephora, I knew I wanted a roller ball for summer & then without even browsing anything else I instantly picked this out. It smells soooooo good! I love being able to roll it on through out the day, now it doesn't last as long as some other perfumes but I always reapply any fragrance through out the day. 
***The last two photos I took from BBW & polyvore. I totally forgot to grab mine to take photos & by the time I realized it, it was too dark to take my own photos.***

OKAY! We made it through my May favorites. :) I know this was a longer post & that these descriptions would of been more fun & fit into a video format a billion times better, but it just wasn't possible for me this month! :( What have all of you been loving this month???? Should I do a post about the things I LOATHED this month? I have a few products that really disappointed me or were just plain underwhelming compared to the hype they have been receiving....anyway....
as always,
PS. I braved the Alaskan vampire mosquitoes at 10PM to take these if they are less than perfect it was because I was trying to fight off the swarm that was trying to suck me dry!