Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's Review- June 2013 Birchbox

I recently re-signed up to start receiving birchbox again each month. There were numerous reasons for cancelling, from little foil samples of products (you can never truly test out a product from a wimpy foil sample), to lots of lavender scented products. For some reason, call it a 2AM lapse in beauty box judgement, I signed back up with birchbox. The first box I received was May & it was pretty underwhelming. Let's see if June has made me a little happier about the $10 I'm spending on this little birchbox....

 This month birchbox unveiled a new look. While I really like the simplicity of the new design, I think they should of kept it pink to help it stand out a little more.

This months theme is wanderlust. "When wanderlust strikes, it sticks." Birchbox, I have to agree...I hope that Justin & I are instilling a lust for wandering in our children & that we hang on to our own wanderlust as we grow older. Although for me this summer has been about anything but wanderlust, I wanted to stay as close to home as possible & really enjoy all of the things our little Mat-Su Valley has to offer. After spending years traveling around AK for work, it has really been nice to let my roots sprawl out & build more of a life in my new home town. 

Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection ~Full Size $8
You can see a bit more of the new design for Birchbox here, it is a pretty way to brighten up a box. :) While I'm obsessed with mint shaded items, these extra cardboard boxes are just such a waste to me. I have really never found a good use for them & I wish they would vanish from my monthly boxes altogether.  Inside of the little mint package was this Color Club polish in the shade Mod in Manhattan. According to Birchbox there were exclusive neon & pastel shades in the collection that were inspired by 4 of their favorite cities. I really wish I had gotten the coral color I've seen in other reviews, but this is actually a shade that I do not have in my collection so I will make it work. :) 

Klorane-Gentle Dry Shampoo w/ Oat Milk~Full Size $18
I love a great dry shampoo so hopefully this one kicks some greasy-booty on 3rd day hair! It is loved by celebrities & is made in France. I have been planning on doing a dry shampoo review soon-ish, I just need to get my hands on a couple of other test subjects first, until then this one will have to do. ;)

LAQA & Co Lil' Lip Duo~Full Size $16 for 2
This little lippy is another Birchbox exclusive & I love it! Bright pink colors have been my favorite for summer & this one packs a little minty kick that makes it feel very refreshing. You can purchase a mini duo set on Birchbox for $16 or a single full size is $18. Any lip product that looks like a giant make-up crayon is something I'm interested in trying out, so this was by far my favorite item in the June box. 

suki-Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser~Full Size $32.95
This is a 2-in-1 cleanser/exfoliate that lathers & smells like sweet lemon. My literal reaction to seeing this was "eh" as I have received a suki face cleanser before & found it extremely blah & underwhelming. Even though I'm in a serious, committed, skincare relationship with Michael Todd True Organics, I will put this little suki in the travel trailer in case I forget to pack my facial cleanser.

LIFE STYLE EXTRA Twistband-Birchbox Nautical Hair Tie Collection~Full Size $14
I really like this hair tie. Pink=love! Anchors=love! Spending $14 on 6 hair ties=we are never...ever...ever, yeah you know... I actually ordered a bunch of elastic over the last few weeks & I have started to make my own hair ties. I have also made a bunch for my girls too. :) I plan to post a DIY how to very please do not spend $14 on the twistband collection, I know the little anchors, starfish & seahorses are totes adorbs, but just resist & make your own. I'll show you how, I pinky promise. :)

The twistband was considered the lifestyle extra, but there were also these cute little post cards. I'm guessing that these are the 4 favorite cities that the Color Club Collection was based on. I think they would look really cute framed & hung in my office for inspiration. I have not been to any of the cities, but all of them are on my someday list. :)

There it is! June 2013 Birchbox. For a $10 subscription box this was a pretty great little collection. It was a huge leap towards fantastic compared to May's box. Also, I wanted to mention that with the new look the little item card also got quite the helpful makeover. Underneath each product there is a WHAT & a HOW area that breaks down the details & how to use the product. I think it is a really neat way to showcase the products & their intended proper uses. 

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