Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Review. Eco-Emi June 2013

Summer is officially here! This month's Eco-Emi is packed with some perfect summer essentials. Each of the products are amazing & I can't wait to share them with all of you. :) 

I absolutely loved the packaging this month! The theme was centered around the 4th of July & it included a great stars & stripes bandanas. :) 

Badger Cuticle Care-Soothing Shea Butter $5.99 .75oz
My cuticles can always use some extra care & I really like products with shea butter. This product is also fragrances with essential oils of Geranium, Mandarin, Lemongrass, & Ginger.

All Natural Face-VEGAN Lip & Cheeks in Peachy Rose $4.00
The All Natural Face is a frequent repeat brand with Eco-Emi. This lip & cheek cream has great pigmentation & the coral peachy color is wonderful for summer. I have a couple of blushes in shades similar to this one, but none of them are a cream formula so this is perfect! 

Surf Sweets- Gummy Bears $2.19 2.75oz
I won't even try to keep it a secret that I snacked on these while I was taking the pictures of all of the products. :) They are made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners & have 100% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C. I will have to keep an eye out for these for the kids & Justin. 

 Nelsons Pure & Clear-Purifying Cleansing Wipes $8.75
These wipes soothe redness as well as refresh & cleanse the skin. I have tried a lot of different cleansing wipes & during the summer I like to keep some on hand for the kids to use too. These have Witch-Hazel Leaf Extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to calm, red irritated skin as well.

Desert Essence-Coconut Hand & Body Lotion 8oz $8.99
Coconut scented lotions are among my absolute favorites so I was thrilled to see this little sample. I like to gather up all of these foil packet style samples & then put them in our travel trailer for camping. That way if we head out for a couple of weeks or a long weekend & I have happened to forget something, there is usually a bit of it in sample form. :) 

Purely You Minerals-Vegan Bronzer 4 Grams $7.00
This bronzer is supposed to be the perfect shade for lighter skin & will work as a highlighter on darker skin. As you can see from the swatch it is a little on the orange or coppery side, which on my skin will just end up making me look, I'm going to try & play around with it a bit as an eyeshadow, if that doesn't work it will end up in my giveaway collection. 

Beanitos Black Bean Chips-Chipotle BBQ 6oz $2.64
I haven't had a chance to try these yet & I'm actually not a huge fan of BBQ flavored chips. I am always on the look out for healthy snack alternatives & the kids love BBQ chips, so these might be a wonderful snack after all. :)

Botanical Interests- HEIRLOOM Seeds-Organic Wheatgrass $1.69 15grams
Wheatgrass is packed with great nutrients & I have been wanting to plant some in my herb garden for a while. I will have to experiment & see if I can get it to grow inside as well as outside in the big garden. That way in the winter we can have some "liquid sunshine" during the dark, cold days. 

There you go! Everything that was in the June 2013 Eco-Emi box. I will be enjoying finding uses for these products over the next month until the July box arrives. If you are interested in getting your own little box of Eco-Chic lovelies click here. :) 

I have a lot of fun posts planned for the end of June & start of July, as well as the rest of my subscription box reviews for this month. 

as always,