Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Julep Maven-June Love

Hey guys!

Aside from birchbox(I might cancel AGAIN, due to their crappy shipping) the Julep Maven box is the last one to arrive each month. It has been well worth the wait & without making you wait any longer here is what was in my May-Julep Maven Box!
Classic with a Twist

 Inside the little black box this month! Sail into Summer. :) 

Thought I would show all of you what was on the back of the Julep in June card. I think these little things are such a nice touch. I keep them in my bathroom, bedroom or office as cute reminders. I love putting things with quotes EVERYWHERE! :) 

Underneath that pretty Nautical packaging was a Julep DD Creme & a little blue package.

Julep DD Creme Maven Price $28 (Regular $36)
A dynamic do-all makeup that goes beyond BB crème to moisturize, prime, perfect, and protect—both instantly and over time.
DD Creme? I haven't even made my way past all of the BB creams into the world of the few CC creams & now there is Julep DD creme?! That was my initial reaction, before reading the packaging; "This lightweight damage-diminishing formula delivers dewy, buildable coverage to moisturize, prime and perfect. Provides daily defense from UV rays and dramatically decreases the look of pores and fine lines. Nourishing hibiscus and olive extracts add a double dose of hydration." 
So at best, this is a tinted BB cream with some extra benefits. I will have to see if it does do all of the DD creme things listed. Right now I'm about a shade darker than this though so I might have to wait until summer is over. There is also a DD creme concealer available on Julep's site, I may have to try that out next month. 

 Julep Polishes in Kennedy(left) & Martha (right)
"Julep Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP"
Kennedy is a creme finish that looks just like beach sand. I selected the Classic with a Twist box this month because I wanted this darker nude color. Kennedy is going to look great now that I have a bit of a tan! 
Martha a classic baby-doll pink shade with a creme finish as well. Usually I'm not a fan of really light pinks because my skin is sooooo fair, but this summer I made it a goal to be tan, even in AK! :) So far our stretch of 80* days has made it very possible.
All of Julep's Polishes are $11.20 (Maven Price) & $14.00 (Regular Price)

 *BONUS* Dolle's Salt Water Taffy
Dolle's History
"In 1906, native New Yorker and carousel builder Rudolph Dolle and his wife, Amelia visited the up - and - coming seaside resort of Ocean City, Maryland. Four years later, they returned to Ocean City to open an amusement business near the corner of Wicomico Street and the Boardwalk. In 1910, Mr. Dolle was given the opportunity to purchase a fledgling salt water taffy business which was located next to his hand carved family carousel, and an eastern shore tradition was born."
I LOVE salt water taffy. My favorite is from a little shop(I can't remember the name) in Wisconsin Dells WI. I had 3 different flavors of Dolle's taffy, strawberry, chocolate & lime. Although they were a bit hard I enjoyed them & have been trying to resist the urge to order some online from Dolle's. 
Julep also offered up some styling suggestions if you really wanted to bring on a full Nantucket feeling. :)

This month Julep is having a BE GOOD TO YOURSELF CHALLENGE on their Facebook page. If you are interested in entering head over to the page for all of the details. According to this card the prize is 3 months worth of Julep Maven Subscriptions. 

There is my June Julep Maven Box! I'm really excited to give the DD Creme a try & to have some polish shades that are unique to my collection. Getting some salt water taffy has also made me want to stock up on some to share with the kids on camping trips this summer. :) 

If you are interested in getting your own pretty polish box each month click here.

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