Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cloth "Diapering" Night Time Style 4.0

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to take a break from all of the subscription boxes & beauty products, to talk about a bit of our journey with cloth diapering. We haven't cloth diapered all of the kids from birth to now, (mostly due to Justin & I not getting together until the kids were 2&1, if another baby Leader ever happens we will be 100% cloth) so our journey has been a bit shorter than some of the truly dedicated cloth diapering parents.
When it came time for the potty training stages we used a mix of cloth & the awful, no good, bad, terrible, pull-ups. Looking back at that time I wish I had made the decision to be fully committed to using cloth training pants & products instead of the odd mix that we ended up using. Luckily, we have moved on beyond the stages of daytime potty training so our need for training pants has passed. :)
The twins, who will be 6 in a week are 100% daytime accident free & I can't even remember the last time they wet the bed. Our littlest Leader, who will be 5 in July wets the bed every single night & often every time she takes a nap as well.
It is completely frustrating & upsetting to have a preschool aged child who still wets the bed. We have tried everything...cutting off liquids hours before bed, waking her up in the middle of the night to go, reward charts, stickers & so on. The reality is she's just a little girl who still wets the bed. We no longer make a big deal out of the wet nights but we do praise her & celebrate when she has a dry night or nap time. We even have a really awkward dance, which I hope no one other than Justin & our children ever see me do!
We knew that we didn't want to return to the dreaded pull-ups for night time so I turned to my sister-in-law, Jessica, who owns Arctic Baby Bottoms in Wasilla to see what she thought would work the best for our situation. For a really long time we used these & these diapers.
The Kushies(Toddler Size 22-45lbs) worked great for a while in terms of absorbancy we ran into issues with them fitting her after a recent growth spurt. She isn't quite 45lbs yet so according to their sizing they should work great, but she is almost 5 so the amount that she now pees more than what those Kushies can hold!
I was a huge fan of the Thirsties & they would be in my top 2 if I ever had to go through the experience again. We ran into the same issue with the sizing & absorbancy issues, so unfortunately we had to move on. :( Which brings us to our current night time, super absorbent, wonderful...SUPER UNDIES!!! 
Unlike the Kushies & Thirsties, Super Undies are made in sizes that are designed for older children. They are a bit on the pricey side at $29.95 for sizes S-L & $34.99 for sizes XL-XXL, but when I weighed the amount of laundry I was doing due to night time leaks I decided that they were well worth it! I initially ordered 2 of the Purple Pixie color in Medium, I wanted to make sure they fit her perfectly & were actually absorbent enough to save us from anymore leaks. Well, with using an insert (a pack of 3 is $3.50), we have made it through 2 months without a single leak or issue. :)
After I finish this post I'm going to order 3 more of the Purple Pixie, this time I'm going to order them in L just so that we don't have to repurchase a larger size again in the near future. I'm okay with having 5 because I do laundry every other day so 5 will be enough for a weekly rotation.
Super Undies does offer a couple of bundles designed for nighttime bed wetting.
The Survive the Night Kit ($89.99) has 1 Pair Bedwetting Pants, 1 Step-up Insert, 1 Soaker Pod, 1 Mattress Topper & 1 Waterproof Sheet. I would recommend this if you are just starting to transition away from diapers at night. They also offer the Survive the Week Kit ($155), which has; 3 Pair Bedwetting Pants, 3 Step-up Inserts, 3 Soaker Pods, 1 Mattress Topper & 1 Waterproof Sheet. I really like that they kindly remind you to wash your used undies with this statement; "Why dose this kit come with three undies when there's 5 days in a week? Because you should not let your used undies sit for three days without washing them :)" There are also two bundle-kit options for day time. We chose to not purchase the Survive the Week Kit because we already have some water proof sheets & the mattress on Little Leader's bed is a plastic-water proof one. :) 

So...I hope this post will help some of you that are experiencing the frustration of a little rugrat, who not matter what, still wets the bed. As long as you have gotten your kidster checked out & there are not any underlying medical issues the best advice I can offer is to just find something that allows all of you to make it through the wet nights. Whether it is Super Undies or setting an alarm to wake you up @ 3AM to take your little one potty or taking deep breaths while trying not to cry hysterically because your husband is gone for work & you're the worst step mom ever & that's why she's wetting the bed...did I mention I err on the side of the dramatic??? :) Just find a way to accept & cope with the bed wetting, it will not last forever, but it will probably stick around for a while. In the meantime I would suggest going & checking out Arctic Baby Bottoms & Super Undies to check out some amazing products that will make the whole process a little easier. :) 

If any of you have any other nighttime cloth suggestions please let me know!

as always,

PS. How cute is the Super Undies site??? Little Leader always gets soooooo excited when she sees me browsing. :) 
***I was not compensated in any way for this review. All products mentioned were purchased with hard earned, icy cold,  North Slope cash. ;) As always the opinions were 100% my own.***