Monday, May 13, 2013

Pictures of Life Lately. :)

Life has been moving so quickly lately, probably because I have been counting down the moments, crossing off days on the calendar, trying to be patient until Justin was able to come home. Ice Road Season has ended & his plane ticket has been booked! In 24 hours my husband will be home! The kids are equally excited, usually we do not tell them of return dates in case things change (as they often do), this time since it has been so long we decided they should share in the fun of counting down. All day they have been singing, yelling, shouting... "Tuesday is tomorrow! Daddy comes home tomorrow! 24 hours to Daddy!" Their positive excitement makes me so happy & it melts my heart to see how joyous they become about Justin coming home.

Anyway...I thought I would share some pictures of life over the last few weeks. I often forget to bring a camera with me, besides my iPhone 4s... so I really have missed some of the moments I wish I could of captured. We are planning on going camera shopping sometime soon, hopefully I won't forget to capture moments then. :) 

This was actually taken at our friends wedding on St. Patrick's Day. It was such a fun day, the entire wedding took place at the Palmer Ice Rink. We watched as our friends, who met playing hockey exchanged vows in the center of the ice & then had a face off before being officially pronounced husband & wife. We ended the celebration with delicious cupcakes & ice skating. Somewhere in the middle of all of this the photographer from Relic Photography got the kids to pose. I want to get this photo & others from the wedding printed & framed. :)

My AVON Haul. I ordered some products for myself to try out. Some of them I had really like back in 2008 when I was an AVON/mark rep. Pictured here are the cream shadows, spring fling lip balms, imark shadows, lip gloss, mark lip stain, Moroccan Argan oil, jumbo eye cream crayon, smooth minerals blush. Don't worry I will be reviewing all of them soon! If you want to check them out before then just head over to AVON & mark with Sadie Leader.

Remember the little fluffy white puppy? He is growing so fast! Since we aren't 100% sure of his breed beyond American Eskimo we do not know what to expect for his exact size. Luckily he still likes to snuggle with me..which I hope he still does when he is full grown.

This is the relationship I have with Siri. Also, my phone is always on the verge of being battery dead. Always. 

My mini-fashionista, Miss Lilliana Marie. We had a beautiful day full of warm weather & sunshine. My latest Stella & Dot order arrived & this beautiful Palm Springs-Turquoise Ikat Print Scarf was one of the items in the order. I was so excited to finally have it because it had been sold out for over a month! Lilliana fell in love with it as quickly as I did so I snapped some pictures. 

My very first Stella & Dot Trunk Show. Hosted by Jessica at Arctic Baby Bottoms! The show is still open to shop online at Sadie Leader

 Justin sent me these gorgeous flowers last week. They were a total surprise for me & a beautiful gesture from him because he wasn't able to be home for Mother's Day. They are still this vibrant today & have really brightened up our kitchen. 

Yesterday we went with Justin's family to Settler's Bay for a Mother's Day brunch. This was the only photo I had time to snap before we sat down to eat. The kids had a great time & were completely shocked by all of the choices they had for food, I took each of them through the line individually so they could really think & make choices about what they wanted. We ended the day watching some movies & taking a nap at home. It was a nice, relaxing Mother's Day. :)

Inside of these pretty wraps are some wonderful LUSH products that I ordered last week. The package arrived today & inside were some of my old favorites & new products that I'm sure I will love. If you would like to see my last LUSH review click here. I will be posting a haul/review of everything inside the wraps sometime soon. :)

Well...there are some photos from life around here lately. I have some really exciting things happening over the next couple weeks & I'm even going to try & use Justin's go-pro cam to film some vlogs for my youtube channel! Stay tuned & thanks for checking out this blog!

as always,