Thursday, May 30, 2013

*May Mantry Review*

Hey guys!

It has been 80* all week here in Wasilla & we have been loving it! It's hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago we were experiencing a mini-blizzard. I have to literally force myself to take time to come inside & write blog posts. We have a wonderful porch that I would blog from if only I could see my screen in the brightness from the sunshine! I'm actually tossing around the idea of doing some vlogs over on my youtube channel...we shall see. :)
When Justin was home on r&r he was able to open his April & May MANTRY boxes within the same week. So let's check out what was in his May crate.

 Smoke and Whiskey.
May's MANTRY Loot.
The globe in the background was not in the crate, it was Justin's when he was a kid & his mom had dropped it off before we opened the crate so I just used it in the background. :)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette($10.00) Louisville, KY
Our household can never have too many salad dressings, I have really started to love making my own concoctions but there are a few staples that we purchase still. This dressing made quite the impression on mine & Justin's taste buds last weekend, we used over half the bottle! It is safe to say that we will be loving this dressing featuring pure Kentucky sorghum syrup that has been cultivated in family mills since the 1850's, for a very long time. The Woodford Reserve site has some other sauces that I'm sure will become staples for all of our summer BBQ & camping trips.

Bourbon Smoked Peppercorns ($9.00) Louisville, KY
These peppercorns were slowly smoked by Matt Jamie who uses Bourbon Barrel Staves to bring a wispy hint of smoky flavor into an everyday necessity. MANTRY suggests making an arugula salad, paired with freshly grated bourbon smoked peppercorns & Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette with a side of crusty bread, I think it is a dinner recommendation we will be using very, very soon.

Natural Summer Sausage (2 pack $13.95) Hinesburg, VT
If there is one thing that is an absolute MUST HAVE on our families snacking list it is summer sausage or some form of jerky. We pack it in our backpacks for snowmachining & keep it on hand all summer long for road trips & camping adventures. Currently, thanks to MANTRY we have quite the stash! Justin & are both very conscious about the meat we purchase & talk constantly about how we wish we could raise our own pork & cattle, so when someone like Chris Bailey comes along & makes small batches of summer sausage using natural meats we buy in bulk! I will have to spend some time on the Vermont Smoke & Cure site to select things & find out the total shipping costs to AK.

Bourbon Marshmallows ($7.50) Orlando, FL
We are lovers of gourmet marshmallows! At our wedding we featured about 15 different flavors from 240 Sweet, unfortunately there was a fire ban in WI at the time, so our guests didn't get to enjoy them. :( We had a campfire a couple days later at my moms & feasted on s'more after s'more. Justin & I had to make a promise to each other that after we each tried one of these Wondermade mallows we would pack them away until our first camping trip. I'm having a hard time not eating all of them while he is gone! While I don't think there is a strong bourbon flavor, they are a really sweet, delicious marshmallow & maybe the bourbon flavor will come out when they are roasted. Wondermade currently has a Father's Day set for $25 that features bourbon, maple-bacon, coffee & Guinness flavors, if you want to test out some gourmet marshmallows yourself get yours here!! 

 Salted Bourbon Goat's Milk Caramel ($9.95) Brookfield, VT
During the summer time I love to make ice cream with the kids & one of our favorite toppings is of course caramel. I thought I had tried all of the unique caramel sauces there were, but goat's milk?? We do enjoy goats milk, yogurt & cheese but the caramel was something completely unexpected. In Brookfield, VT there is a family raising goats, milking them, & then standing over copper pots for hours to make this dulce de leche. Of course they just had to add some bourbon & sea salt, just to push the deliciousness over the edge. We will be spooning this over some homemade vanilla ice cream in the weeks to come. :)

Bourbon Nut Brittle ($12.99) Nashville, TN
Justin claimed this little package the second he saw it. Personally, I adore the vintage style packaging. He'll eat the brittle, I'll find a way to re-purpose the box. It's a win-win. :) Down in Nashville Scotty Witherow has a Southern Chocolate Shop named Olive & Sinclair that is making all kinds of unique sweets like this brittle. Nashville has always been on our places to visit list, now we have a sweet stop to make when we are there. 

The total of everything in this month's MANTY is $56.44, while that doesn't add up to the monthly $75 price tag, we were still really excited about all of the products. One thing about living in AK is that sometimes, new, unique luxury food items are hard to come by, we love receiving our MANTRY crates & trying new products. Even the kids get excited when Justin opens a new crate each month. This Smoke and Whiskey theme was a perfect combination of savory & sweet & I know that we have found some new companies that we will be purchasing from in the future. 

If you want to recieve your own box of culinary delights each month click here.

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