Sunday, May 5, 2013

*Eco-Emi April 2013*

Hey guys!

Today is Cinco De Mayo & I'm posting about an April box...what can I say I was a little busier than normal this week. :) Anyway, let's just jump right into April's Eco-Emi Box. :) 

Dear Eco Emi's
I hope you are having a lovely spring! This is a great time of year to make changes. Everything is new and fresh in nature from the leaves starting to bud, the flowers starting to bloom, and winter being raked away. Think of this time of year as raking away anything negative in your life. You will feel a weight lifting off of you when you remember to put yourself first and take care of you. I hope you enjoy your April box! Enjoy, relax and pamper yourself  with the items inside.
                                                                                                               Warmest, Christine

This was taken yesterday. Some spring weather we are having...Luckily I have the amazing products in my Eco-Emi to brighten my winter-spring days!

oluv care by. OluvSkin .25oz $5.56
Due to an eczema outbreak on my eye lids from this, I couldn't think of a better time to have a product like oluv. It is made from estate-cold-pressed, 100% extra virgin olive oil, medicincal herbs, raw unfiltered Shea Butter, virgin coconut oil, unfiltered bee's wax & lavender essential oil. That is a long list of ingredients in such a tiny little jar! My eye-lid eczema was reduced within moments of applying oluv to the affected areas. According to the Eco-Emi card it can be used for diaper rash as well as burns, scrapes & cuts!!

Mosturizing Hair Milk by. Shea Radiance 8.5oz $16.00
This product is vegan & eliminates frizz, as well as soften and detangles hair. It is perfect for adding moisture to dry or damaged hair & great for your beach bag. :) I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, I have been using AVON's Moroccan Argan Oil in my hair daily & letting it air dry...but I do want to give this hair milk a try too. My hair has struggled with how dry Alaska is & with all of the treated water that is used in the remote camps I've worked in, so any product that can help with that damage & dryness I want to have! 

Unscented Deodorant Towelettes by. Crystal Essence $2.99 6 Pack
These are a new product by Crystal Essence, they are 100% biodegradable & have all of the benefits of the deodorant product in a convenient little packet! While I really like the idea of this product, my track record with natural deodorant products has not been great. I'm not a huge sweat producer either-I will try these out, but based on my previous attempts with natural deodorant I'm not expecting great results. :) 

Dahlia Creme Eye Shadow by. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques $9.00
I really wanted to love this product because it has an Organic Vanilla Scent! The full size come in a stick container & there are 8 shimmer shades & 4 matte shades. The shade in my box was Dahlia, it is one of the shimmer shades & it looks like it should be a purple-taupey color. When I swatched it on my hand it was so light my camera struggled to pick it up against my skin. I was really hoping it was more pigmented because I LOVE creme shadows. I still might give some of the other shades a try.

Organic *Glueten Free* Guacamole Dip by. Simply Organic $1.69 0.8oz
Guacamole easily tops my favorite food list! I made it at home at least once a week in the summer time. I have never used a mix, honestly I'm a little skeptical about adding anything other than the basics...I think this is going to go in our travel trailer & if I'm craving guacamole I will have some mix & only need some avocados & this mix! 

Organic Hemp Shine lipstick by. Colorganics $17.25 Full Size
This is a clear lipstick that can be used alone or applied on top of any lipstick to add shine. I have been using it as a balm all week. It is so moisturizing & wonderful! It is also a certified organic product too. :) I have not tried it out on any lipsticks yet, honestly I haven't worn a traditional lipstick in weeks....I have been using Maybelline Color Whispers & other tinted balms. :)

 Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask by Rainwater Botanicals $12.00 3oz jar
This face mask is is loaded with ingredients-chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromine & various others. It is great for all skin conditions & removes excess oils and dead cells from the skins surface. I have been using the Michael Todd True Organics line of products for a while now & I think this will fit in very well with all of them. :)

Comforting Geranium Mineral Bath Salts by Aura Cacia 2.5 oz $3.29
You guys know that I am addicted to baths! I don't take as many in the summer as I do in the winter, but I still love them just as much. This is a mineral bath salt scented with essential oils of geranium, rose & lavender. I will have to see how it does with our jet tub, some products can clog the jets. 

I'm thrilled with this box, I have yet to receive an Eco-Emi that disappoints. My favorites this month are the Hemp Shine Lipstick & the Oluv Care Salve. I can't wait to try out some of the other products too!! :) 

If you are interested in Eco-Emi you can sign up here. Also, check out my last couple of posts about February & March's Eco Emi Boxes.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!
as always,