Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MAY Julep Maven Review

I'm so excited to be sharing this subscription box with you! As I have mentioned before I love receiving my monthly boxes & this one is the most recent one that I have signed on with.

~Julep Maven Box~

My first box from Julep was back in February, I ended up skipping March's box (I don't even know why!) & then I received my May Maven Box yesterday.  

Becoming a Maven is a little different than your standard boxes because you take a style quiz to determine what Profile suits your style(Think Shoemint or Justfab). There are 5 different Style Profiles-Moden Beauty-Boho Glam-Bombshell-Classic with a Twist & It Girl. Each profile determines what types of products you will receive in your box, this month I selected Boho Glam so I was given 2 limited edition nail colors & a full size beauty product.  You can change your profile before the 20th of each month, I've decided that I'm going to try each style at least once, in February chose the It Girl style. :) 

Being a Maven is $20 a month & at the time I signed up I got my first box for a PENNY (plus shipping of course, oh Alaska). For me it is totally worth it, because a single Julep polish is $14! You can skip a month if you want to OR you can choose to send your monthly box to a friend. I think that is so great & I totally forgot to do that with my March Box. :( You also get 20% off all Julep products when you are a Maven. 

Now that I have covered the details of the subscription box aspect of Julep Maven...let's check out Mays's box! 

 This is just what the box looks like when it arrives in your mail box. I just had to show you the gorgeous sparkly tissue paper that was inside. I was excited the second I opened the box...I love my sparkle. ;)

This is what was under the paper when I opened it. The theme for the month was Set the Stage. It is based around the glamorous beauty of the Roaring Twenties & I adore it!

Aren't these rose accent bobby pins adorable? They are the perfect hair accessory for me right now since I'm growing out my winter bangs.  (I can't find the price on Julep's site)

This was the second thing I saw & I literally squealed when I read what they were.  
~New York-Jazz Trio-Silky little lip colors inspired by the Roaring Twenties.~ 
The gold packaging is beautiful & I love that they are mini-sized! I went ahead & swatched the colors, the first is a classic red, the second is a light corally-pink & the last one is a light nude WITH SPARKLE. For me these colors are perfect. :) Reg. $28 Julep Maven $22.40

 Now, it wouldn't be a Julep Maven Box without the polish. Here are this month's stars...the darker shade is Millie & the lighter is Alice.  They are not the most unique polishes I have ever had, but Juleps cream formula is stellar & lasts for a week with out chipping for me. I was happy that they were both purples-I've gotten really into purple polish recently & I do not have very many to choose from in my collection.  Millie $14 & Alice $14

On the left is Millie it is a dark creamy purple & Alice is a light shimmery purple.

I have very fond memories of listening to jazz music at different moments in my life & also listening to my mother talk about how important being able to improvise is to life, so this little card was a wonderful edition to the whole box.

There is my May 2013 Julep Maven Box-Boho Glam. It was so much fun to unbox & I know it is going to be great to use all of the products. I received 2 full size polishes & 1 beauty product, with the hair pins being a bonus!!! If you are interested in purchasing any of the products from this box or signing on to be a Maven yourself click here! I think this would make an awesome Mother's Day present too! 

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***When I posted this I called it my APRIL Maven Box...Upon Receiving my JUNE box I realized this was my MAY box. I swear some days it's a wonder I get my shoes on the right feet. Much love. -S***