Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Fairy-Princess Room Make-Over

   Exciting news for the Leader family...we are closing on our house tomorrow! After almost an entire year of dealing with probate, interest rates, underwriting & all other forms of house purchasing drama we will be happy home owners. Luckily we don't have to move! 
   The house we are purchasing was Justin's grandparents home that his grandfather built himself-we have been living here for a few years now so we are now just going to call it home officially.
With the closing being tomorrow I have really started to look into redoing specific rooms in the house. We haven't even painted a single room! 
  The first two rooms we have planned to do are the kids rooms. Currently, the girls share a room & Nikoli has his own room. There are plans in the works to remodel our downstairs to add another separate bedroom for one of the girls...but for now they are sharing. I've looked to Pinterest for ALOT (ok, 95% of my inspiration) for the girls room. Because it's a shared space we have a few colors & themes to incorporate. Lilliana loves the color pink & all things princess related where Danielle is in love with purple & faeries. Both of them want everything to sparkle all of the here are some of the things I have added to my "LILLIANA & DANIELLE'S ROOM MAKE OVER!!!" board. 

This is a perfect palette of colors for the room. Pinks, purples oh my! Plus my room at my mom's house was decorated with a lot of inspiration being taken from a purple quartz rock that I had. Design before pinterest!  

 These color options are also wonderful. I like the edition of the teal & brown to give more options with accenting objects.

The next 3 photos are all from the same blog post for a little baby girls nursery & more pictures of the entire room can be found here. There are so many little details in these photos that have given me so much inspiration. Now our girls are 5 & 4 so the adorable changing you see would be their set of dressers. But the shelves & wonderful gold details are all aspects that I can see being used in the room make over.

 I adore this little framed pearl crown! These are little accent pieces that I love thinking about DIY-ing. 

Now the next few photos are all about the *SPARKLE*. As I mentioned the girls like to sparkle, like to wear sparkle & have made demand after demand that their room will *SPARKLE*!! Since I love the glittered stuff myself I can't say I have any objections-my room also had a glittered ceiling. In fact, I think it still does! (It's no longer a bedroom but my mom's office)

Again, it's all about the details to me. Something as simple as a light cover can become something beautiful with some glitter & glue. 

This has been my favorite discovery in the idea process...glitter wallpaper. I have heard of & used glitter paint before but I had NO idea that you could purchase full on glitter wall paper. I'm going to have to do some more researching & pricing out between the two before we decide anything. I do know that one wall will be an accent wall that is entirely full of glitter. :)

This is pin that was once on my wedding board. It was a project that I didn't end up having time for before the wedding but it has been in the back of my mind ever since! 

A glitter mobile! Perfect for the girls walk in closet!

Of course we will be incorporating princesses & faeries into the design of the room. I plan to take a more abstract approach to the concept instead of just using Disney as my source of ideas. 

Well there are the ideas I have for the room make over! I will keep you guys updated as the process progresses & hopefully by June the girls will be all settled into their new sparkly, princess, faerie, pink, purple, teal, gold room! 

as always-