Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally, Spring has Arrived in Alaska!

    I absolutely love the Alaskan Winters, from the heavy snow falls to the blowing winds. There is something magically powerful when Mother Nature is at full force, freezing everything as she goes. Now, with that being said...winter this year lingered around a bit too long. Even now spring is taking a while to happen, our yard still has a few snow patches & things still freeze at night. 
    This past weekend was a particularly nice one & I have finally let myself believe spring is on its way. The kids have been saying that "spring isn't all the way here" & while I agree with them it hasn't stopped us from getting outside & enjoying the best weather we have seen in quite a while.

    Yesterday, the kids & I want on a walk around our little neighborhood. We took off after dinner & the kids had a great time. They have been asking to go on a walk every single day for the last month, I think they had cabin fever worse than most adults I know. I was able to snap a few pictures, but mostly I was trying to herd them all together & help them learn to stay on the side of the road. 

 Starting out. All of the kids have scooters & tricycles, but there are various things that need repairing on the girls bikes & scooters. Not sure how they have broken more things than their bother...

 Danielle & Nikoli waiting for Lilliana & I. I managed to get plenty of photos of the back of their heads, all I had with me was my trusty iPhone. You'd think I'd know well enough to ALWAYS have a camera with me with these 3 around. ;) 

This is what the kids mean when they say spring hasn't arrived all the way yet. 

 Someone was ahead of the pack when we started & now she's being a trooper & packing the scooter on the way home. I just love them all so much & it's so fun to see them having a great time being outside with me.
 She's just too cute! Somehow I managed to catch this shot...not sure how. I really love it!

Danielle has a personality that is all her own. She was pretending that stick was a guitar & singing one of her original songs. I can't wait for her to start dance & other forms of performing arts. 

This picture is actually from today. I was doing dishes & the twins were having their afternoon snack outside (Danielle was napping), they like to sit on top of Denali's house & share their snack with him. Since their snacks are usually some kind of crackers, cheese & a drink I don't mind the sharing, as you can see neither does Denali. Kobuk is taking the more patient approach...I'm just so happy that all 3 of our dogs are so kid friendly, they are as much a part of our family as any of us are. 

I have so many new posts to do for you guys! Reviews of April's, Eco-Emi, ipsy, Popsugar....Mantry (which will have to wait until Justin is home to unbox it!), not to mention my April faves. Well I better get to sleep...hope you all had a great Monday & Tuesday is another good day. 

as always-Sadie