Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clean Your Make-up Brushes or...SUFFER! Seriously guys I'm paying the price!

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to do a post about care & cleaning of your make-up brushes. I had not cleaned my brushes for about 3 weeks & over the weekend my eye lids ended up having a pretty horrible reaction. I have had to use eye drops, Eucerin Lotion & CJ's Butter on my eyes all week, not to mention I haven't been able to wear make up. :( It really has a very uncomfortable & irritating. All of it could of been avoided entirely if I had just cleaned my make-up brushes, which I had been telling myself I needed to do! Usually I clean them every couple of weeks, but with Justin gone at work, starting working with AVON/mark & Stella & Dot I sort of forgot...Clean your brushes! 

So....due to all of this I wanted to share some products that make cleaning your brushes so much easier & more enjoyable. :)

I received a sample of this in a Birchbox along with a Beauty Blender, at first I only used it to clean my Beauty Blender, then I ordered a larger size of the cleanser & I used it for about 6 months to clean all of my brushes. It is an amazing cleanser & it would strip all of the make-up, build up & gunk that had built up on my brushes.

I ordered this product this week & I can't wait for it to get here! From all of the reviews I have read it cleans, sanitizes, & leaves your brushes with a light vanilla scent. :) All things that I love when it comes to keeping my brushes clean & ready to go. Just a heads up to any of you ordering in Alaska, you can not get the 8 or 42oz bottles shipped to you. The 4oz bottle is available & you have to pay shipping.

This is one of the products I am most excited about being released this year. Sigma has become a stand out in the beauty world for their brushes, pallets, this glove is just another amazing product in their lineup!  It has 6 different textured areas that can be used in the different stages of brush care. It is also dual sized, with one side being designed for face brushes & the other for eye brushes.  If you are looking for a  tutorial on how the glove works go to this Sigma Video on youtube.

You don't necessarily have to use brush cleanser to clean your brushes. I have used quite a few products that are marketed for something else & I have gotten great results with them when it comes to cleaning & caring for my brushes. 

This product is a bit expensive to use to clean your brushes with on a regular basis. I will usually use this to clean my brushes when I travel because I only need to take one product with me instead of an additional bottle of brush cleanser. It doesn't have a sanitizing agent like most brush cleansers but it will work to strip the make up & keep your brushes clean on an occasional basis. Using products that are not formulated to clean brushes can cause them to become damaged over time, but using them occasionally will not hurt a thing. :)

My favorite winter care soap for my skin is also one of my most used brush cleansers. I buy one pack of bars a year at Cost-Co & it lasts me through the longest of Alaskan winters. It does take a little longer to clean using a bar of soap, but you can get it in a body wash form. Again this is something I like to use when I travel because I always have a bar with me. 

I spent over a year using sulfate free shampoos(I'll do a post about that process later), while I did like using them for my hair I found that ones containing tea tree oil worked great for cleaning my brushes. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent which can help with acne & break outs. I wouldn't recommend using this shampoo to clean your brushes if you are not using mostly natural based cosmetic products, it works great on most eye-make ups but when it comes to removing liners, concealer & other heavy non-natural based products it doesn't clean as well as some of the other products I mentioned. It is a great option if you are looking to switch to all natural products or at least introduce some of them into your beauty habits.

I'm incredibly impressed with mark's line of face & skin care products. This cleanser is reasonably priced at $9, which is even cheaper than some drug store gel cleansers. It works amazingly on oily & combination skin. Plus it doubles as a GREAT brush cleanser! From concealer to shadows it really gets your brushes clean. :) 

I hope that this post & my story of having dry, itchy, & painful eyelids will motivate you to go clean your brushes! It is such an important thing to add in as a regular step in your beauty routines. I will actually be ordering a new set of brushes from Sigma because I'm so freaked out about my own brushes being dirty! It has been over 2 years since I replaced ALL of my brushes, so it is certainly time for some new ones. :) 

as always,