Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally, Spring has Arrived in Alaska!

    I absolutely love the Alaskan Winters, from the heavy snow falls to the blowing winds. There is something magically powerful when Mother Nature is at full force, freezing everything as she goes. Now, with that being said...winter this year lingered around a bit too long. Even now spring is taking a while to happen, our yard still has a few snow patches & things still freeze at night. 
    This past weekend was a particularly nice one & I have finally let myself believe spring is on its way. The kids have been saying that "spring isn't all the way here" & while I agree with them it hasn't stopped us from getting outside & enjoying the best weather we have seen in quite a while.

    Yesterday, the kids & I want on a walk around our little neighborhood. We took off after dinner & the kids had a great time. They have been asking to go on a walk every single day for the last month, I think they had cabin fever worse than most adults I know. I was able to snap a few pictures, but mostly I was trying to herd them all together & help them learn to stay on the side of the road. 

 Starting out. All of the kids have scooters & tricycles, but there are various things that need repairing on the girls bikes & scooters. Not sure how they have broken more things than their bother...

 Danielle & Nikoli waiting for Lilliana & I. I managed to get plenty of photos of the back of their heads, all I had with me was my trusty iPhone. You'd think I'd know well enough to ALWAYS have a camera with me with these 3 around. ;) 

This is what the kids mean when they say spring hasn't arrived all the way yet. 

 Someone was ahead of the pack when we started & now she's being a trooper & packing the scooter on the way home. I just love them all so much & it's so fun to see them having a great time being outside with me.
 She's just too cute! Somehow I managed to catch this shot...not sure how. I really love it!

Danielle has a personality that is all her own. She was pretending that stick was a guitar & singing one of her original songs. I can't wait for her to start dance & other forms of performing arts. 

This picture is actually from today. I was doing dishes & the twins were having their afternoon snack outside (Danielle was napping), they like to sit on top of Denali's house & share their snack with him. Since their snacks are usually some kind of crackers, cheese & a drink I don't mind the sharing, as you can see neither does Denali. Kobuk is taking the more patient approach...I'm just so happy that all 3 of our dogs are so kid friendly, they are as much a part of our family as any of us are. 

I have so many new posts to do for you guys! Reviews of April's, Eco-Emi, ipsy, Popsugar....Mantry (which will have to wait until Justin is home to unbox it!), not to mention my April faves. Well I better get to sleep...hope you all had a great Monday & Tuesday is another good day. 

as always-Sadie

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Fairy-Princess Room Make-Over

   Exciting news for the Leader family...we are closing on our house tomorrow! After almost an entire year of dealing with probate, interest rates, underwriting & all other forms of house purchasing drama we will be happy home owners. Luckily we don't have to move! 
   The house we are purchasing was Justin's grandparents home that his grandfather built himself-we have been living here for a few years now so we are now just going to call it home officially.
With the closing being tomorrow I have really started to look into redoing specific rooms in the house. We haven't even painted a single room! 
  The first two rooms we have planned to do are the kids rooms. Currently, the girls share a room & Nikoli has his own room. There are plans in the works to remodel our downstairs to add another separate bedroom for one of the girls...but for now they are sharing. I've looked to Pinterest for ALOT (ok, 95% of my inspiration) for the girls room. Because it's a shared space we have a few colors & themes to incorporate. Lilliana loves the color pink & all things princess related where Danielle is in love with purple & faeries. Both of them want everything to sparkle all of the here are some of the things I have added to my "LILLIANA & DANIELLE'S ROOM MAKE OVER!!!" board. 

This is a perfect palette of colors for the room. Pinks, purples oh my! Plus my room at my mom's house was decorated with a lot of inspiration being taken from a purple quartz rock that I had. Design before pinterest!  

 These color options are also wonderful. I like the edition of the teal & brown to give more options with accenting objects.

The next 3 photos are all from the same blog post for a little baby girls nursery & more pictures of the entire room can be found here. There are so many little details in these photos that have given me so much inspiration. Now our girls are 5 & 4 so the adorable changing you see would be their set of dressers. But the shelves & wonderful gold details are all aspects that I can see being used in the room make over.

 I adore this little framed pearl crown! These are little accent pieces that I love thinking about DIY-ing. 

Now the next few photos are all about the *SPARKLE*. As I mentioned the girls like to sparkle, like to wear sparkle & have made demand after demand that their room will *SPARKLE*!! Since I love the glittered stuff myself I can't say I have any objections-my room also had a glittered ceiling. In fact, I think it still does! (It's no longer a bedroom but my mom's office)

Again, it's all about the details to me. Something as simple as a light cover can become something beautiful with some glitter & glue. 

This has been my favorite discovery in the idea process...glitter wallpaper. I have heard of & used glitter paint before but I had NO idea that you could purchase full on glitter wall paper. I'm going to have to do some more researching & pricing out between the two before we decide anything. I do know that one wall will be an accent wall that is entirely full of glitter. :)

This is pin that was once on my wedding board. It was a project that I didn't end up having time for before the wedding but it has been in the back of my mind ever since! 

A glitter mobile! Perfect for the girls walk in closet!

Of course we will be incorporating princesses & faeries into the design of the room. I plan to take a more abstract approach to the concept instead of just using Disney as my source of ideas. 

Well there are the ideas I have for the room make over! I will keep you guys updated as the process progresses & hopefully by June the girls will be all settled into their new sparkly, princess, faerie, pink, purple, teal, gold room! 

as always-

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clean Your Make-up Brushes or...SUFFER! Seriously guys I'm paying the price!

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to do a post about care & cleaning of your make-up brushes. I had not cleaned my brushes for about 3 weeks & over the weekend my eye lids ended up having a pretty horrible reaction. I have had to use eye drops, Eucerin Lotion & CJ's Butter on my eyes all week, not to mention I haven't been able to wear make up. :( It really has a very uncomfortable & irritating. All of it could of been avoided entirely if I had just cleaned my make-up brushes, which I had been telling myself I needed to do! Usually I clean them every couple of weeks, but with Justin gone at work, starting working with AVON/mark & Stella & Dot I sort of forgot...Clean your brushes! 

So....due to all of this I wanted to share some products that make cleaning your brushes so much easier & more enjoyable. :)

I received a sample of this in a Birchbox along with a Beauty Blender, at first I only used it to clean my Beauty Blender, then I ordered a larger size of the cleanser & I used it for about 6 months to clean all of my brushes. It is an amazing cleanser & it would strip all of the make-up, build up & gunk that had built up on my brushes.

I ordered this product this week & I can't wait for it to get here! From all of the reviews I have read it cleans, sanitizes, & leaves your brushes with a light vanilla scent. :) All things that I love when it comes to keeping my brushes clean & ready to go. Just a heads up to any of you ordering in Alaska, you can not get the 8 or 42oz bottles shipped to you. The 4oz bottle is available & you have to pay shipping.

This is one of the products I am most excited about being released this year. Sigma has become a stand out in the beauty world for their brushes, pallets, this glove is just another amazing product in their lineup!  It has 6 different textured areas that can be used in the different stages of brush care. It is also dual sized, with one side being designed for face brushes & the other for eye brushes.  If you are looking for a  tutorial on how the glove works go to this Sigma Video on youtube.

You don't necessarily have to use brush cleanser to clean your brushes. I have used quite a few products that are marketed for something else & I have gotten great results with them when it comes to cleaning & caring for my brushes. 

This product is a bit expensive to use to clean your brushes with on a regular basis. I will usually use this to clean my brushes when I travel because I only need to take one product with me instead of an additional bottle of brush cleanser. It doesn't have a sanitizing agent like most brush cleansers but it will work to strip the make up & keep your brushes clean on an occasional basis. Using products that are not formulated to clean brushes can cause them to become damaged over time, but using them occasionally will not hurt a thing. :)

My favorite winter care soap for my skin is also one of my most used brush cleansers. I buy one pack of bars a year at Cost-Co & it lasts me through the longest of Alaskan winters. It does take a little longer to clean using a bar of soap, but you can get it in a body wash form. Again this is something I like to use when I travel because I always have a bar with me. 

I spent over a year using sulfate free shampoos(I'll do a post about that process later), while I did like using them for my hair I found that ones containing tea tree oil worked great for cleaning my brushes. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent which can help with acne & break outs. I wouldn't recommend using this shampoo to clean your brushes if you are not using mostly natural based cosmetic products, it works great on most eye-make ups but when it comes to removing liners, concealer & other heavy non-natural based products it doesn't clean as well as some of the other products I mentioned. It is a great option if you are looking to switch to all natural products or at least introduce some of them into your beauty habits.

I'm incredibly impressed with mark's line of face & skin care products. This cleanser is reasonably priced at $9, which is even cheaper than some drug store gel cleansers. It works amazingly on oily & combination skin. Plus it doubles as a GREAT brush cleanser! From concealer to shadows it really gets your brushes clean. :) 

I hope that this post & my story of having dry, itchy, & painful eyelids will motivate you to go clean your brushes! It is such an important thing to add in as a regular step in your beauty routines. I will actually be ordering a new set of brushes from Sigma because I'm so freaked out about my own brushes being dirty! It has been over 2 years since I replaced ALL of my brushes, so it is certainly time for some new ones. :) 

as always,


Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Choices #2!!

Hey guys!

In case you missed it here is the 1st Mother's Day Gift post I did featuring pieces from Stella & Dots Collections. This post I'm going to feature choices from AVON/mark.  I'm really excited about the things I have picked & I hope you can all find something for the women in your life this Mother's Day! :) 

Flor Violeta Collection
This is AVON's latest scent & I love it! It has scent notes of violet, apple & musk. Usually when apple is involved it dominates as a sweet distinct scent, in this collection all of the scents harmonize nicely to make a really refreshing perfume. You can purchase this entire collection as one or pick & choose amongst them to make a unique gift. Plus with gorgeous ombre packaging you can't go wrong!

Favorites Fragrance Sampler
If you know someone who enjoys having new fragrances to try out this is a great gift! It features some of AVON's most popular & classic scents. Purchase the whole set for one person or use one or two in a custom gift mixed with other items. 

 Skin Care Essentials Bag
This bag is so unique & adorable! The back side is translucent so it makes it the perfect bag for travel. To make an amazing gift stock it with some beauty products from AVON/mark.

  mark. whipped up-body butter-lemon sugar
I am extremely particular about the body butters I use. They can't be too greasy, too sticky, too get the idea. I have found two brands of body butter that meet my ridiculous standards, one is The Body Shop & the other is mark. Out of all the mark scents this lemon sugar has been my favorite for a long time. It would be great as a Mother's Day gift with a scent that is refreshing-light & perfect for spring & summer. You can also get the scent in other sprays & bath & body products.

Get Misty Jasmine Petal Body Mist
mark already had a bunch of great scents in their collection & then this spring they released jasmine petal. It is an amazing scent, especially if you like jasmine as much as I do. This scent will be great for summer time & the beach.

Mother's Day Bubble Bath Minis
These are a limited edition collection perfect for pampering. There are 4 scents available-fresh lilac, soft pink, white lily & lavender garden. Did I mention they are .99? 

Spring Fling Lip Balm
If you have seen the lady you are shopping for using Maybelline Baby Lips...these are perfect! With 4 different flavors to choose from & a .99 price tag you can't go wrong. Pick out a couple of these, some bubble bath & some other beauty products & wrap it all inside of the skin care essentials bag...a wonderful gift!

I'm going to do another post this week with make-up & beauty items that you can pick & choose from to create a really great Mother's Day Gift! Until then don't forget to check out my other posts! Have a great Monday guys!!!! -Sadie 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Mother's Day Gift Choices

I want to showcase a few items from Stella & Dot, AVON & mark (these will be in an additional post this week) that are perfect selections for the women in your life you want to honor with a gift that shows how much you love, appreciate & adore them for Mother's Day.
I'm going to give lots of options so that you can find something perfect for all the important women in your life, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, best friend & even your wife!

 Stella & Dot Charm Collection
This collection is perfect for giving a gift that will look beautiful & tell a story. You can start by choosing a necklace like the Tree of Life that has charm set in place & then add additional charms-Pitter Patter Charm-Birthstone Charms-Signature Initial Charm-to make a gift that is really amazing. This gift would also be great for any of the women on your Mother's Day shopping list.

Lightweight Turquoise Multicolor Scarf in Turquoise Ikat(Palm Springs Scarf)
Scarves are a wonderful year round accessory for any woman. They add a gorgeous statement to any outfit & one can really never have too many. :) This one has a color range that is absolutely perfect for spring/summer. ***There are many more print choices for scarves. Just go to Stella & Dot for more!***
Mercer Zip Wallet in Poppy
I want this wallet for myself! (*Hint*Hint* Husband if you are reading this post!) I like the bright poppy color & the fantastic hot pink lining on the inside. This is just a wonderful wallet!

1) Stackable Deco Rings-Set of 3-These rings are stackable or can be worn individually. Add some sparkle into a collection with this CZ set. Perfect gift for your wife!
2)Mary Margaret Stone Ring-I have this ring myself & if you know someone who likes turquoise this is perfect!
3) Stackable Gem Ring-This is a 12k gold band with geometric black diamond Czech & glass stones. It looks like it is 4 different stack-able rings, but its NOT! It's one band that just appears to be separate pieces. 
4) Laurel Ring-This is a trio of really gorgeous eternity bands. Each one is a different design but together they make a beautiful stackable set. I'm torn between getting this set or the Deco Rings for myself. I love some sparkle!!! 

How Does She Do It Tote-Metallic Ikat Print
Out of everything I've mentioned this is an item I would just be over the moon to receive as a Mother's Day Gift! I do have this bag already in the navy ikat print but this one is just so gorgeous. It's the perfect neutral print to take to all of your summer festivities. Plus it folds down into a satchel for nights out! The inside water bottle holder is one of my favorite things about the bag. Fashion & function...every mothers dream. ;) ***This bag comes in a couple of other prints as well, so if this one does strike you as just right for the lady you're shopping for be sure to check out Stella & Dot for the other prints!! :)***

Getaway-Elephant Print
If you know an expectant mother this would make a great gift! This bag is designed to be a weekender style bag, but I think it would make a super diaper bag. :) Totally trendy & ready for all of your babies essentials. Plus how can you not adore the elephant print?! 

Fiona Earrings
These earrings have a very modern look to them & would make the perfect gift for your sister or aunt. They will stand out beautifully against darker hair & complete any outfit wonderfully. (Also available is the Fiona Bib Necklace, purchase BOTH here Stella & Dot)

Glint Flower CZ Earrings
If you are looking for more of a classic set of earrings these will do! They are beautiful, timeless & sparkly. What else could one need in a gift?! :) 

Christina Link Bracelet
 A truly sophisticated silhouette that will pair beautifully with other bracelets in an arm candy collection.

Rhea Bangles
A trio of hammered bangles with Czech stone clusters, available in silver, gold & rose gold. (Picture here is rose gold) These would pair beautifully with the Fiona Earrings for a gorgeous finished look.
Madeline Pearl Necklace
Pearls are a perfect gift no matter what the occasion but this necklace is an unforgettable as a Mother's Day gift.  Also available in gold with dark pearls. It can be worn long or short & is perfect for an occasion.

I wanted to include some pieces from the GIRLS line by Stella & Dot. Traditionally Mother's Day is to be celebrated by mothers, grandmothers & their families. I think with the changes to the traditional family structure Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the relationships between all women & the people in their lives. There are also plenty of single dads with daughters out there & I think these pieces are perfect for a father to give to his daughter on Mother's Day or any other day really. ;) 

Ok guys! There are my choices from Stella & Dot for Mother's Day gifts. I will be doing another post this week showcasing AVON & mark products. :) I hope this post helped you get some ideas! As always you can shop all of these items & the full Stella & Dot collection here.  


Pinterest...days of pins.

Hey guys....

I have to admit that today has not been my most productive of days. There is laundry that needs to be done, bathrooms to clean, meal planning for the next week & a long endless list of *To Dos*. Somehow I've ended up on Pinterest just pinning my Sunday away.  I thought I would share a few that I really liked with all of you...

It is no secret that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I read each of the previous books before the next one came out, so I've read the 1st book about 8 or 9 times now. This quote is one of my favorites & I really like adding little touches to rooms...I'm thinking this would be perfect in a nursery. No babies for now...but if there is another little Leader a Harry Potter nursery is choice #1!!!

Considering I have a nail polish rack in my bath room that holds 96 bottles of polish I spend too much time looking at pins for nails...I really like the colors on this design & how easy it would be to do since each line does have to be perfect. 

Tattoos. Tattoos. Tattoos. I have design ideas in the works for my second tattoo, which I plan to get this summer. This tattoo has been a huge inspiration & I keep coming back to it. I love the placement, size & design of this one. But I plan to make a few modifications to make it my own. I've been doodling a design like this one on spare pieces of paper for years & then I found this! 

Now, I really like chalk boards & I really like football. However baseball a special place in my heart & the Milwaukee Brewers are my faves. So this idea would need a little tweaking but I think it would be a great way to make a chic addition to a bar/den area. 

Oh bows! Obviously I like bows. I did get one for a wedding band tattoo...I adore the look of these bows & twisted hair. 

There are some renovation ideas in the works for our entire house. But the first rooms I plan to pain are the kids rooms & playroom.  The fact that Disney makes paint may have just launched me into a new area of crazy! Glitter? Paint? SPARKLE EVERYTHING!!!

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3. Only a couple of weeks away. My favorite movies are action based & I especially like the latest releases by Marvel...the Iron Man series has been my favorite. I hope Justin is home so we can go see this one in theaters. 

Well there you have it...a few of the things that I have been looking at on Pinterest today. :) 

 as always-Sadie

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