Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MANTRY Review March 2013

My subscription box addiction is pretty serious. From make-up to hand bags I've got all my bases covered. It still felt like something was missing from our monthly collection. 

I wanted to find something for Justin as a Christmas present & I wanted it to be something that he wouldn't expect. So when I heard about MANTRY-The Modern Man's Pantry I was extremely excited! I signed Justin up to receive his first box in January, there was a printable certificate that I put in his stocking & was thrilled when he opened it! Since his first box in January he has asked me to renew his subscription every month. 

The March 2013 MANTRY crate arrived a couple of days will be able to see in some of the photos that a couple of items have gotten opened & loved already. It's hard to keep my man from opening every item as soon as it arrives! 

Lets take a look at this month! 

 This month's theme was Georgia on my Mind. 6 products were featured & all of them are from various areas of Georgia. 

  Raw Honeycomb from Savannah, Georgia. As you can see this treat was already sampled & enjoyed by various members of our family. Justin ate it on a spoon, the kids asked for it in their Cream of Wheat & I added a bit to my tea. I'm going to make a butter similar to the one mentioned in the MANTRY info card for our Easter brunch on Sunday.

 Olive Oil from Georgia? I had no idea such a thing existed & we use all sorts of olive oil in our cooking. This bottle came all the way from Lakeland, Georgia.  It's made in small batches & cold pressed & is a great addition to our kitchen. 

 "Georgia Ice Cream" Grits. This is something that I can say I haven't made since I moved to Alaska. I spent a summer in TN & grits was something I ate often throughout my time there. Now in Alaska, grits is not a common item. Justin didn't even know what it was!!! :) This batch is from Helen, Georgia & is from a company that has been making grits since 1876.

Stripling's Pork Jerky. Now I assumed Justin would have this gone in a matter of minutes, usually an ready to eat meat product that has come in his MANTRY doesn't stand a chance of lasting more than 24 hours. This time thought he decided to stash it away until his next snowmachining or camping trip. I'm sure it will be delicious & he will want to order more from Cordele, Georgia. 

Pecans! Pecans! Pecans! This was the item I was the most excited about this month. Justin & Danielle cracked right into these as soon as he opened the crate. I'm sure I will be snacking on them all soon as I find the nutcracker. These traveled all the way from Crawford, Georgia. 

 Hot Georgia Soul, from a 1955 pit stop that has been turned into a go to spot for everything wood-fired & slow-cooked. This sauce is going to be great for grilling this summer. I'm already anxious to hear the sounds of the grill & the laughter of our kids enjoying the mid-night sun. If you're ever in St. Simons, Georgia you know where to go! 

  Each MANTRY box comes in a wooden crate. They have varied in shades but the quality & coolness factor stay the same. If you are interested in signing up the man in your life for a subscription head over to MANTRY's site & get them registered! You may have to hang out on a waiting list for a short while but it is completely worth it! 

***Each box is $75 a month. All photos used in this post are 100% my own***