Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LUSH Bath Product Review

Hey guys!

Hope you are enjoying the end of winter & preparing to leap into spring, I know I am! Winter is still in full effect here in Alaska though, so that means skin care is at the top of my beauty regimen.

Baths are one of my favorite winter skin care secrets. For me, showers are not extremely kind to my skin. I can soak in a bath with some bubbles, my kindle, music & occasionally a glass of wine for hours. It does wonders for my soul & of course my skin. One of my favorite lines to turn to when I'm really looking to enjoy my bath is LUSH cosmetics. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the brand, LUSH is a Canadian based company that carries a complete line of bath, shower, hair, skin, & even make-up & perfume products! I have been a loyal lushie for years, from the company's products to their commitment to using quality ingredients & never testing on animals you can never go wrong with treating yourself to some LUSH!

About a month ago I ordered an assortment of bubble bars, bath bombs & bath melts. I have made my way through almost all of them so I thought I would review them for you! Unfortunately the idea to do this review after a spree of baths so I do not have any of my own photos!

So let's get started...bath bombs are up first!

Phoenix Rising-A cinnamon & spicy apple scented bath bomb that is dusted in gold shimmer. It also has a cinnamon stick in the middle. It turned my bath water a beautiful purple color, the scent was pretty while I was in the bath, but it did not last once I was dried off. I also had an issue getting it to completely dissolve, I think that was mostly due to the temperature of the bath water. A tip when using any of these products, warm or hot bath water is ideal for them to dissolve in my experience. I'm lucky enough to have jets in my bath tub & I use them almost always with LUSH bath products. This bath bomb was fun, but it isn't one that I think I will be re-purchasing.

Dragon's Egg-While I was underwhelmed by Phoenix Rising, I was absolutely thrilled with the performance of this little ball! The fragrance is wonderfully layered with citrus & feminine scents that last for quite a while after you've stepped out of the bath. This "egg" puts on quite a show when it dissolves-first it's white, then it's orange. Then they swirl together! Next is glitter, followed by a finale of dissolving rice paper confetti. All in all it is a spectacular bath bomb that has risen to the top of my "must have" bath product list!

Rose Queen-  I just used this last night. It turned the water a pretty pinkish color & the rose scent did linger on my skin overnight. I have to say this is my least favorite one of the bunch. Only because of the rose "petals" that appear as it dissolves. They did not look like petals to me, more like fragments of rose plants. Personally, I do not like chunks of things floral or otherwise floating in my bath. I actually cut my bath short because every time I looked around I saw UFFP's un-identified-floral-floating-pieces. Luckily they did not stick to my skin as I got out. All in all love, the pink color & scent, not the floaters!

Butterball- I loved this one! It has a gorgeous vanilla & ylang ylang scent that is not over powering but perfect to linger in the bath with. As it dissolves it releases chunks of cocoa butter that melt into the bath and moisturize your skin. This is the PERFECT bath bomb of the winter, it felt as if I was in such a luxurious bath the entire time. If you are ever in need of a relaxing, beautiful bath experience this is the ticket!

Sakura- I was not paying attention to the temperature of the water when I dropped this one in my bath, so it did not dissolve very well. If you are looking to enjoy a bath full of colored water with an amazing fragrance, this is not the bath bomb for you. It looks & smells great, but once it finally did dissolve I was left with clear bath water with almost no scent at all. Accoring to LUSH's site it is supposed to smell like mimosa & jasmine, I'm a jasmine addict so I was really wanting to love this. Instead I will go with Butterball or Dragon's Egg for an awesome bath experience!

All that Jas- This is the final bath bomb of this review & let me tell you, I saved the very best for last! I kind of knew I would love this before I even used it, as I mentioned I'm a total lover of jasmine scented items & this did not disappoint. It is such a cute little sphere with its mint coloring & flower details. As it dissolves it turns the water a beautiful aqua blue color & fills the entire bath with a lovely, bright, gorgeous jasmine scent! I'm in love, as long as LUSH carries this product it will be in every order. After my bath I continued to smell hints of jasmine, it was wonderful. For those of you who are not into glitter, bits in your bath or crazy scents this is absolutely perfect! If you are looking to place your first order online & are skeptical about all of the other products just choose this one. You'll thank me later. ;)

Now...onto the bubble bars! Before I get started I just want to tell you that we have a jet-bathtub in our house. So my results with all bath products are based on using them in our bath. I feel like this is especially important for you to know in regards to the bubble bars. I wish I had taken pictures because there were some serious bubble mountains going on! Because of the size of our tub & my addiction to lots & lots & lots of bubbles at once, I used all of these bars whole in my individual baths, but you can totally break them apart & get 3-5 bubbly baths out of them. I just have a problem. :)

Temple of Truth- I have ordered this particular bar multiple times, it does not disappoint. It is one of my favorite LUSH products to use when the world has gotten to me & I'm feeling beaten up & exhausted.  The smell on this bar is very light, according to LUSH it is scented with sandalwood & rosewood, both can be really pungent & strong, but that is not the case here. It is a beautifully layered scent that makes a relaxing bath truly special. The bubbles for me (again, jet-tub, whole bar), lasted for well over an hour, which was pretty amazing. Great product that I recommend if you are new to LUSH.

Green- I'm almost as obsessed with this as I am the All that Jas-Bath Bomb! Beautiful green water, lovely lime & citrus smell. Uplifting & invigorating, this little green stack really packs a punch! It produces a really clean scent that does not disappoint. As for the bubbles, well they were AMAZING! Fluffy & soft, just a girls dream when it comes to a bath. I actually used this in a bath with my husband, a rare treat since work keeps us apart often. If you are looking for something to try on a date-night-in this would be a spectacular addition. You can of course twist the two halves apart & get two baths of use...but who wants to do that when you can have mountains & mountains of bubbles all at once?

I did have two other products in my order, Ex-Factor & Magic Mushroom. Both were really great, but they were limited edition for Valentines Day. Do not be upset! LUSH has just launched this seasons EASTER collection. From what I can see online it looks like there are a few new fun themed products just waiting for you!

So if you decide to try some LUSH products in the future leave me a comment & let me know how it goes. Also if you would like me to review the array of other LUSH products I have experienced over the years let me know!!!

Hope you're having a great day! Bye guys!

****All photos used are from LUSH's USA website & are not my own.****