Thursday, March 21, 2013

Husband & Wife Tattoos!

For Christmas Justin got me a gift certificate to Clean Slate Tattoo's, a local tattoo shop here in Wasilla. I was soooo excited! We had been talking about getting tattoos on our ring fingers since before our wedding. Both of us have jobs that aren't always jewelry friendly. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to use my gift certificate for, I have a couple of tattoo ideas that I'm still sorting out, either placement or size mostly. 

That brings us to our decision to go & get our husband/wife tattoos this week. We called on a spur of the moment whim & there was a time slot open that worked for us! We both had decided on our designs months ago. We were finished with everything in about an hour! It was my first tattoo & a great experience overall. 

Here's a photo of both of our new tattoos! Mine is on the right & Justin's is on the case you couldn't tell from the purple nail polish! 

Justin got an infinity knot inside of a band, it was a design we both had considered but I felt it was a little too masculine for me & I wanted something different. I made the decision to get a bow for a couple of reasons, one it's really feminine & I think...adorable. Also, every bow is anchored with a knot in the middle, it's strongest every when the pretty "bow" begins to fade, get frayed or rough around the edges...the knot in the center still holds strong. It's basically our approach to our marriage, there are going to be a lot of things in life that are going to be rough, difficult & may ever make us doubt ourselves, but as long as we stay united & strong together we will be just fine! 

The concept is something I was inspired by on our wedding day when my Uncle Clayton gave a speech about things appearing perfect at our wedding venue, much like they do on the surface of a new marriage. Yet, after time things get dusty, cast aside, broken & glued back together...but if you work hard, put in honest-loving effort the thing beneath the surface will become as clean & beautiful as they were in the beginning. 

Anyway, this has become quite the rambling post about a husband & wife who decided they wanted to get tattoos! Hope you are all enjoying this spring weather! :) xo