Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy, Busy ***Snow Day***

Hey guys!

The snowy weekend carried into today making it quite the winter wonderland outside. Talk about a spring blizzard! Still we ventured out & about.

My sister in law, Jessica owns a cloth diaper & children's boutique here in Wasilla (Arctic Baby Bottoms Online!!!!) & she needed me to watch the store for a bit today while she went to a business luncheon. 

A couple of snapshots from the store today! As you can see Jessica keeps everything you need for cloth diapering & having a happy, healthy, Eco-conscious life with your little ones! I will be featuring her store ALOT in upcoming blog/youtube posts. :) 

I brought Miss Lilliana with me to hang out at the store today & as always she was full of energy & was very goofy. 

Love my sidekick! Having her (& her siblings of course) become a part of my life has been one of the most amazing things to every happen to me. Go stepmoms! ;)

After we finished at the store we ventured out into the grocery store craziness...It was nuts! We ended up getting everything we needed for our home groceries & for hosting Easter this Sunday. The Easter Bunny also finished her shopping today. Only because her amazing husband took the kids on an adventure & allowed her to drink a white chocolate-breve from Starbucks & shop at Target, alone....ALONE! You guys, I cannot remember the last time I shopped alone. 

To finish out our busy snow day, Justin put the plow back on the truck & went out to Big Lake to plow Jess & Mike's drive way (sis-in-law mentioned above)...they were left with a 3 foot berm of snow on the end of their driveway after the borough (county if you life in the lower 48) plowed today.  I stayed home with the girls & made dinner...

Meatloaf was on our home menu tonight & Lilliana assisted me with the entire meal. I love sharing my knowledge of cooking & passion for homemade meals with all of the kids. We are just getting into having them pick recipes, shop for the ingredients & then help make the meal....I'm sure I will be posting about it soon. :) Nikoli was with Justin plowing & Danielle has a stomach bug so she wasn't able to help out with dinner. :( 

Danielle did enjoy all of the music that is a must-have when we are cooking...the girls share my love for showtunes & we all had a great time dancing, singing & jumping around while dinner was in the oven!

Well, the kids are watching a movie with Justin & I'm going to head off to join them. Justin leaves for work on the North Slope tomorrow. Should we take bets on if I cry or not? After almost 4 years....I always, always cry. 

Love! xo-Sadie