Friday, March 29, 2013

AVON & mark Alaska-with Sadie Leader

Hey guys,

As you know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had found myself without a job. I started brain storming & attempting to find a job that would be a good for me, the kids & Justin's work schedule. It proved to be quite the challenge! Instead of stressing myself out with the idea of being unemployed I decided to research companies that allowed you to sell as a consultant or representative. I had previous had some experience with this type of a career & I had really enjoyed it. After looking into what different fees or packages would cost I settled on a company that I have always liked & purchased from myself.

AVON & it's sister company mark. Both companies offer amazing products & help empower women everywhere. The total cost to start with AVON is minimal at $10. While that doesn't get you any samples it does set you up with all of the business tools needed to get up & running! There are online classes & training tools to help grow your business every step of the way as well. 

Now, when it comes to mark things are a little more spendy. I ordered the mark start-up kit @ $38. It does come with a few full size products from the line as well as business tools & some samples. I was automatically given rights to sell mark products as an AVON representative but I wanted the kit to really get myself prepared for both markets. 

I'm happy & excited to announce that I'm ready for business! Go check out my Facebook page-Avon & mark Alaska-with Sadie Leader. Like the page & be on the look out for trends, deals & giveaways! 

with love,