Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey guys!

I'm not sure what the weather is like in your corner of the world, surprisingly here in Alaska it has been gorgeous! Bright, sunny, not super warm temperatures but beautiful for this early in spring. Just wait...I'll be posting about snow this weekend. Alaska is a crazy place for weather! 

Still this early amazingly pretty weather has really inspired me to purchase some fun nail colors for spring. Not to mention all of the deals on nail polish at my local drug stores! Other than 2 polishes I'm about to feature all of them were on sale for BOGO or buy one get one 1/2 off! 

Let's look at my top 6! 

1) LOREAL Nail Color-new money 2) essie-bikini so teeny 3) ZOYA-gie gie

The LOREAL polish is actually quite opaque after one coat & the brush is interesting, it sort of feathers out as you apply the polish. In the bottom picture I used a nail color sampler from ZOYA to show the polishes outside of the bottles. This green is really very bright & super fun. I will probably get some use out of it this summer too! 

essie's bikini so teeny is a staple for a lot of nail polish addicts like myself. It is a really pretty blue color with some shimmer. It usually takes me 2 coats, plus a base & top coat to get a look I'm happy with (this is true for 100% of my essie collection), this is a great blue to start off spring!

Zoya, Zoya, Zoya, how I love your polishes! This pretty, shimmery, pale pink is from the 2013 spring collection & I think it is the perfect pink for this season! 

 4) Covergirl-Outlast-mint mojito 5) Covergirl-Outlast-lav-endure 6) color club-wild cactus

The new nail polish line from Covergirl is phenomenal! Within the last month I have almost as many of their polishes as I do essie & OPI! The formulation is great & you can get really opaque coverage from 1 coat. 

Mint mojito is such a beautiful color! If you are a little sick of the mint color trend that has been going on, this is a great transitional color. It has a hint of mint but really is more of a teal color once it sets. Love it!

Lav-endure is a classic pastel purple color. It's basic, effortless & perfect for spring. If you are looking to build a collection this spring & do not want to purchase a dozen colors this is a great choice! All of my Covergirl polishes have been buy 1 get 1 1/2 off! It is really a great deal for some killer polishes! 

Finally, we have the little Color-Club! This may be the smallest bottle of the bunch but it packs a seriously pigmented punch! 2013 color of the year is emerald, which is exactly what this polish is! In the bottle it looks to be an almost neon teal color which is quite deceiving since it dries & becomes a perfect emerald shade! You really only need 1 emerald color in your collection in my opinion & this one is spot on! It was given to me from my sis-in-law, she received it in a birchbox & I traded her a nail-tini polish I had gotten in a ipsy bag!

Again, you can see the colors in my Zoya polish sampler. Thanks Zoya! 

Now...for the runners up! You didn't really think I'd limit myself to 6 colors for spring did you? ;) 

As you can see, Covergirl is dominating in this post! I just can't help it, its a great polish formula with a ton of colors at a great price! The first one is everbloom & it is a really basic, natural, pink shade that is wonderful if you are just starting to grow your collection & want the basics covered. Next is out-of-the-blue, I started wearing this back in February & I absolutely love it! It's a cobalt blue color & so far my favorite color trend of the year. 

On the bottom...peek-a-boo-pink by Covergirl. It is almost the same color as Zoya's Gie-Gie but it is about a shade brighter. So much pink!!! 

Finally we have essie in play-date. This is the color I'm wearing on my nails right now & you can see it in my recent post about Justin & I's husband/wife tattoos. I adore this color! The one thing I do not have a photo of is my ORLY Matte-Effect-Top-Coat, it has been my favorite top coat of 2013! I literally have used it every time I have done my nails since January. There are a lot of matte-effect top coats out there right now & just happened to be at Sally's Beauty Supply & picked ORLY. 

So there are my picks for SPRING 2013 Nail Polish Favorites! I hope the weather is beautiful where ever you are & that you are loving the fun colors your nails can be right now!!! xo