Friday, March 29, 2013

AVON & mark Alaska-with Sadie Leader

Hey guys,

As you know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had found myself without a job. I started brain storming & attempting to find a job that would be a good for me, the kids & Justin's work schedule. It proved to be quite the challenge! Instead of stressing myself out with the idea of being unemployed I decided to research companies that allowed you to sell as a consultant or representative. I had previous had some experience with this type of a career & I had really enjoyed it. After looking into what different fees or packages would cost I settled on a company that I have always liked & purchased from myself.

AVON & it's sister company mark. Both companies offer amazing products & help empower women everywhere. The total cost to start with AVON is minimal at $10. While that doesn't get you any samples it does set you up with all of the business tools needed to get up & running! There are online classes & training tools to help grow your business every step of the way as well. 

Now, when it comes to mark things are a little more spendy. I ordered the mark start-up kit @ $38. It does come with a few full size products from the line as well as business tools & some samples. I was automatically given rights to sell mark products as an AVON representative but I wanted the kit to really get myself prepared for both markets. 

I'm happy & excited to announce that I'm ready for business! Go check out my Facebook page-Avon & mark Alaska-with Sadie Leader. Like the page & be on the look out for trends, deals & giveaways! 

with love,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MANTRY Review March 2013

My subscription box addiction is pretty serious. From make-up to hand bags I've got all my bases covered. It still felt like something was missing from our monthly collection. 

I wanted to find something for Justin as a Christmas present & I wanted it to be something that he wouldn't expect. So when I heard about MANTRY-The Modern Man's Pantry I was extremely excited! I signed Justin up to receive his first box in January, there was a printable certificate that I put in his stocking & was thrilled when he opened it! Since his first box in January he has asked me to renew his subscription every month. 

The March 2013 MANTRY crate arrived a couple of days will be able to see in some of the photos that a couple of items have gotten opened & loved already. It's hard to keep my man from opening every item as soon as it arrives! 

Lets take a look at this month! 

 This month's theme was Georgia on my Mind. 6 products were featured & all of them are from various areas of Georgia. 

  Raw Honeycomb from Savannah, Georgia. As you can see this treat was already sampled & enjoyed by various members of our family. Justin ate it on a spoon, the kids asked for it in their Cream of Wheat & I added a bit to my tea. I'm going to make a butter similar to the one mentioned in the MANTRY info card for our Easter brunch on Sunday.

 Olive Oil from Georgia? I had no idea such a thing existed & we use all sorts of olive oil in our cooking. This bottle came all the way from Lakeland, Georgia.  It's made in small batches & cold pressed & is a great addition to our kitchen. 

 "Georgia Ice Cream" Grits. This is something that I can say I haven't made since I moved to Alaska. I spent a summer in TN & grits was something I ate often throughout my time there. Now in Alaska, grits is not a common item. Justin didn't even know what it was!!! :) This batch is from Helen, Georgia & is from a company that has been making grits since 1876.

Stripling's Pork Jerky. Now I assumed Justin would have this gone in a matter of minutes, usually an ready to eat meat product that has come in his MANTRY doesn't stand a chance of lasting more than 24 hours. This time thought he decided to stash it away until his next snowmachining or camping trip. I'm sure it will be delicious & he will want to order more from Cordele, Georgia. 

Pecans! Pecans! Pecans! This was the item I was the most excited about this month. Justin & Danielle cracked right into these as soon as he opened the crate. I'm sure I will be snacking on them all soon as I find the nutcracker. These traveled all the way from Crawford, Georgia. 

 Hot Georgia Soul, from a 1955 pit stop that has been turned into a go to spot for everything wood-fired & slow-cooked. This sauce is going to be great for grilling this summer. I'm already anxious to hear the sounds of the grill & the laughter of our kids enjoying the mid-night sun. If you're ever in St. Simons, Georgia you know where to go! 

  Each MANTRY box comes in a wooden crate. They have varied in shades but the quality & coolness factor stay the same. If you are interested in signing up the man in your life for a subscription head over to MANTRY's site & get them registered! You may have to hang out on a waiting list for a short while but it is completely worth it! 

***Each box is $75 a month. All photos used in this post are 100% my own***

Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy, Busy ***Snow Day***

Hey guys!

The snowy weekend carried into today making it quite the winter wonderland outside. Talk about a spring blizzard! Still we ventured out & about.

My sister in law, Jessica owns a cloth diaper & children's boutique here in Wasilla (Arctic Baby Bottoms Online!!!!) & she needed me to watch the store for a bit today while she went to a business luncheon. 

A couple of snapshots from the store today! As you can see Jessica keeps everything you need for cloth diapering & having a happy, healthy, Eco-conscious life with your little ones! I will be featuring her store ALOT in upcoming blog/youtube posts. :) 

I brought Miss Lilliana with me to hang out at the store today & as always she was full of energy & was very goofy. 

Love my sidekick! Having her (& her siblings of course) become a part of my life has been one of the most amazing things to every happen to me. Go stepmoms! ;)

After we finished at the store we ventured out into the grocery store craziness...It was nuts! We ended up getting everything we needed for our home groceries & for hosting Easter this Sunday. The Easter Bunny also finished her shopping today. Only because her amazing husband took the kids on an adventure & allowed her to drink a white chocolate-breve from Starbucks & shop at Target, alone....ALONE! You guys, I cannot remember the last time I shopped alone. 

To finish out our busy snow day, Justin put the plow back on the truck & went out to Big Lake to plow Jess & Mike's drive way (sis-in-law mentioned above)...they were left with a 3 foot berm of snow on the end of their driveway after the borough (county if you life in the lower 48) plowed today.  I stayed home with the girls & made dinner...

Meatloaf was on our home menu tonight & Lilliana assisted me with the entire meal. I love sharing my knowledge of cooking & passion for homemade meals with all of the kids. We are just getting into having them pick recipes, shop for the ingredients & then help make the meal....I'm sure I will be posting about it soon. :) Nikoli was with Justin plowing & Danielle has a stomach bug so she wasn't able to help out with dinner. :( 

Danielle did enjoy all of the music that is a must-have when we are cooking...the girls share my love for showtunes & we all had a great time dancing, singing & jumping around while dinner was in the oven!

Well, the kids are watching a movie with Justin & I'm going to head off to join them. Justin leaves for work on the North Slope tomorrow. Should we take bets on if I cry or not? After almost 4 years....I always, always cry. 

Love! xo-Sadie

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bye-Bye Spring Time.

Hey guys!

Remember when I said that I would be seeing snow by the weekend? Well I don't know if it was me or the universe that made it bets are on Mother Nature, but...we have SNOW! It has snowed on & off all weekend long. Our driveway was almost 100% pavement on Thursday & by Saturday morning it was all covered again. 

As much as I love winter (I'm a WI girl who moved to AK after all), I was really looking forward to having a nice spring like Easter next week. Snow or sunshine we are going to have a great time celebrating! 

I will be posting some Easter planning things this week as I prepare to host the holiday at our house! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey guys!

I'm not sure what the weather is like in your corner of the world, surprisingly here in Alaska it has been gorgeous! Bright, sunny, not super warm temperatures but beautiful for this early in spring. Just wait...I'll be posting about snow this weekend. Alaska is a crazy place for weather! 

Still this early amazingly pretty weather has really inspired me to purchase some fun nail colors for spring. Not to mention all of the deals on nail polish at my local drug stores! Other than 2 polishes I'm about to feature all of them were on sale for BOGO or buy one get one 1/2 off! 

Let's look at my top 6! 

1) LOREAL Nail Color-new money 2) essie-bikini so teeny 3) ZOYA-gie gie

The LOREAL polish is actually quite opaque after one coat & the brush is interesting, it sort of feathers out as you apply the polish. In the bottom picture I used a nail color sampler from ZOYA to show the polishes outside of the bottles. This green is really very bright & super fun. I will probably get some use out of it this summer too! 

essie's bikini so teeny is a staple for a lot of nail polish addicts like myself. It is a really pretty blue color with some shimmer. It usually takes me 2 coats, plus a base & top coat to get a look I'm happy with (this is true for 100% of my essie collection), this is a great blue to start off spring!

Zoya, Zoya, Zoya, how I love your polishes! This pretty, shimmery, pale pink is from the 2013 spring collection & I think it is the perfect pink for this season! 

 4) Covergirl-Outlast-mint mojito 5) Covergirl-Outlast-lav-endure 6) color club-wild cactus

The new nail polish line from Covergirl is phenomenal! Within the last month I have almost as many of their polishes as I do essie & OPI! The formulation is great & you can get really opaque coverage from 1 coat. 

Mint mojito is such a beautiful color! If you are a little sick of the mint color trend that has been going on, this is a great transitional color. It has a hint of mint but really is more of a teal color once it sets. Love it!

Lav-endure is a classic pastel purple color. It's basic, effortless & perfect for spring. If you are looking to build a collection this spring & do not want to purchase a dozen colors this is a great choice! All of my Covergirl polishes have been buy 1 get 1 1/2 off! It is really a great deal for some killer polishes! 

Finally, we have the little Color-Club! This may be the smallest bottle of the bunch but it packs a seriously pigmented punch! 2013 color of the year is emerald, which is exactly what this polish is! In the bottle it looks to be an almost neon teal color which is quite deceiving since it dries & becomes a perfect emerald shade! You really only need 1 emerald color in your collection in my opinion & this one is spot on! It was given to me from my sis-in-law, she received it in a birchbox & I traded her a nail-tini polish I had gotten in a ipsy bag!

Again, you can see the colors in my Zoya polish sampler. Thanks Zoya! 

Now...for the runners up! You didn't really think I'd limit myself to 6 colors for spring did you? ;) 

As you can see, Covergirl is dominating in this post! I just can't help it, its a great polish formula with a ton of colors at a great price! The first one is everbloom & it is a really basic, natural, pink shade that is wonderful if you are just starting to grow your collection & want the basics covered. Next is out-of-the-blue, I started wearing this back in February & I absolutely love it! It's a cobalt blue color & so far my favorite color trend of the year. 

On the bottom...peek-a-boo-pink by Covergirl. It is almost the same color as Zoya's Gie-Gie but it is about a shade brighter. So much pink!!! 

Finally we have essie in play-date. This is the color I'm wearing on my nails right now & you can see it in my recent post about Justin & I's husband/wife tattoos. I adore this color! The one thing I do not have a photo of is my ORLY Matte-Effect-Top-Coat, it has been my favorite top coat of 2013! I literally have used it every time I have done my nails since January. There are a lot of matte-effect top coats out there right now & just happened to be at Sally's Beauty Supply & picked ORLY. 

So there are my picks for SPRING 2013 Nail Polish Favorites! I hope the weather is beautiful where ever you are & that you are loving the fun colors your nails can be right now!!! xo

Husband & Wife Tattoos!

For Christmas Justin got me a gift certificate to Clean Slate Tattoo's, a local tattoo shop here in Wasilla. I was soooo excited! We had been talking about getting tattoos on our ring fingers since before our wedding. Both of us have jobs that aren't always jewelry friendly. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to use my gift certificate for, I have a couple of tattoo ideas that I'm still sorting out, either placement or size mostly. 

That brings us to our decision to go & get our husband/wife tattoos this week. We called on a spur of the moment whim & there was a time slot open that worked for us! We both had decided on our designs months ago. We were finished with everything in about an hour! It was my first tattoo & a great experience overall. 

Here's a photo of both of our new tattoos! Mine is on the right & Justin's is on the case you couldn't tell from the purple nail polish! 

Justin got an infinity knot inside of a band, it was a design we both had considered but I felt it was a little too masculine for me & I wanted something different. I made the decision to get a bow for a couple of reasons, one it's really feminine & I think...adorable. Also, every bow is anchored with a knot in the middle, it's strongest every when the pretty "bow" begins to fade, get frayed or rough around the edges...the knot in the center still holds strong. It's basically our approach to our marriage, there are going to be a lot of things in life that are going to be rough, difficult & may ever make us doubt ourselves, but as long as we stay united & strong together we will be just fine! 

The concept is something I was inspired by on our wedding day when my Uncle Clayton gave a speech about things appearing perfect at our wedding venue, much like they do on the surface of a new marriage. Yet, after time things get dusty, cast aside, broken & glued back together...but if you work hard, put in honest-loving effort the thing beneath the surface will become as clean & beautiful as they were in the beginning. 

Anyway, this has become quite the rambling post about a husband & wife who decided they wanted to get tattoos! Hope you are all enjoying this spring weather! :) xo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Beginings.

Hey guys,

Within the last couple of weeks there have been some changes in the lives of our household. Mostly, for myself...the job that I had, well to be short & sweet about it, I no longer have it. Although I'm not thrilled with the circumstances of how it came to be, I've really made my peace with it & have settled back into being home full time. 

I get to enjoy the time that Justin is home on his r&r from the North Slope without feeling rushed to get myself packed & ready for work. We were working opposite schedules, when he was at work for 2 weeks I was home & when he was I home I was at work. It made all of our lives nuts & super hectic! Luckily that's over with & we have really feel into a strong, happy stride this spring! 

This year I will be hosting Easter at our house, Justin will be at work unfortunately. :( I'm looking forward to having his family over & sharing the day with all of them. We are having a brunch style meal, I will be putting together an egg hunt for all of the kids. I'm sure I will be a bit of a frazzled mess without Justin, he really does calm my nerves & helps ease my stress. He will certainly be missed during our Easter celebration! 

Well I suppose, I do have some things to get done tonight before I turn in...I have a bunch of new posts planned soon that I can't wait to share with all of you!!!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Eco Emi Review!

Hey guys! 

I have to admit that I am a bit of a subscription box addict...currently I'm subscribed to multiple boxes & I can't seem to break the habit. While it's not adding $$$ to my checking account it is good for all of you because I get to review some really awesome boxes & let you know about the amazing products that come with them! 

This time I'm going to be reviewing my February 2013 Eco-Emi box. I have been subscribed to Eco-Emi for over a year now & I can happily say I have never been disappointed in a box! Eco-Emi charges $15 a month & has about 6-10 natural, eco-friendly, samples in each box. Within the year that I have been receiving my monthly boxes I have found multiple products that I have purchased full sizes of & continue to use. The products range from hair care, beauty, make up to food & tea. 

So, let's get started & talk about what was in February's box! 

This month every thing came in this great little tin, all of my other months have just been packaged inside of a USPS-Priority Box with some confetti & tissue paper. The tin itself was a great surprise & hope we see more reusable items like it! As you can see the info card is beautiful, every month I'm so impressed with how gorge a little piece of card stock can be! Not to mention informative about the products, why they were picked for the box & prices. 

 Serenity-Vegan Hair Gel by .ily 8oz $16
This product is designed to tame frizz with a flexible hold as well as moisturize, strengthen & smooth hair. It contains agave & aloe vera. The scent is very strong in the bottle but once I used it in my hair I hardly noticed it at all. I can't say that it held up extremely well in my hair but it did keep frizz & flyaways at bay. *I have long, naturally wavy hair.* 

 Exfoliating-Foaming-Vegan-Cleanser by Suki $32.95 4oz
 I love the smell of this product! It has a clean-lemongrassy scent to it. Plus it really did exfoliate my face very well without causing a break out or extreme redness. I'm currently trying to decide if I should order a full size once my sample runs out. 

Berry-Red-Lipgloss by Purely You Minerals $7.00
This was the product I was the most excited about when I opened my box. After I used it, it then became the product I was the most underwhelmed with. It looked so bright, shimmery & beautiful when in the container & swatched on my hand. Then when I used it on my lips it did not carry hardly any red pigmentation & kind of just smeared all over. While I didn't mind the formula the lack of pigmentation was a bummer.  
Pumpkin Spice Bars by Athena Bars-12 bars $22.68
A few months ago I received a blueberry Athena bar. It was delicious! So I was really excited when I saw this in my box. It's the one of the things I haven't tried yet, only because I'm saving it to snack on the next time we go out snowmachining.

Key Lime & Mint Gum by Vitacare 12 Pieces $12.99
This was my favorite thing in the box!!! The flavor is so fresh & yummy!  It is enriched with essential vitamins & calcium. The citrus. The mint. The freshness. I need more! :) 

Collagen & Almond Enriching Moisturizing Lotion by Aubrey 12 Oz $9.99 
Usually I get a little irritated with foil packets in my subscription boxes (I'm calling you out birchbox!), however when you get as many good quality, unique, decent sized samples as you do from Eco-Emi the occasional foil packet is alright. I did enjoy the scent of this, it smells like almond extract & is very moisturizing, packed with collagen & elastin. 

Peppermint Spice Lip Balm by Moody Sisters $3.95 .33oz
The lip products were not hits for me this month. The packaging on this balm is absolutely adorable. I'm just not a fan of mint flavored/scented lip products. The formula is very moisturizing & contains shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin e & essential oils. It is available in other flavors so I may pick some of them up someday.

The Amazing Trio Packets (Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa) by Amazing Grass 15ct Packets $21.99
This is another item that I have not used yet. I recently started a shake program, as well as daily fresh green juice. I plan to add this into one of them very soon. It is a gluten free & raw product that I'm excited to try out! 

Well there you have it! February's Eco-Emi box of 2013. If you are interested click the link at the start or end of this post & sign yourself up. Sometimes there is a bit of a waiting list but I was able to get in less than a month after I signed up! :) 

Eco-Emi Link 

Candle LOVE!

Usually my favorite candles are from Bath & Body Works Slakin & Co Candle line...not this time! I found this at my local Fred Meyer grocery store. It smells soooooo good! It is really, really sweet & fills an entire room with a syrupy goodness scent. I've been moving it from room to room, which just means I need to get more of them!

LUSH Bath Product Review

Hey guys!

Hope you are enjoying the end of winter & preparing to leap into spring, I know I am! Winter is still in full effect here in Alaska though, so that means skin care is at the top of my beauty regimen.

Baths are one of my favorite winter skin care secrets. For me, showers are not extremely kind to my skin. I can soak in a bath with some bubbles, my kindle, music & occasionally a glass of wine for hours. It does wonders for my soul & of course my skin. One of my favorite lines to turn to when I'm really looking to enjoy my bath is LUSH cosmetics. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the brand, LUSH is a Canadian based company that carries a complete line of bath, shower, hair, skin, & even make-up & perfume products! I have been a loyal lushie for years, from the company's products to their commitment to using quality ingredients & never testing on animals you can never go wrong with treating yourself to some LUSH!

About a month ago I ordered an assortment of bubble bars, bath bombs & bath melts. I have made my way through almost all of them so I thought I would review them for you! Unfortunately the idea to do this review after a spree of baths so I do not have any of my own photos!

So let's get started...bath bombs are up first!

Phoenix Rising-A cinnamon & spicy apple scented bath bomb that is dusted in gold shimmer. It also has a cinnamon stick in the middle. It turned my bath water a beautiful purple color, the scent was pretty while I was in the bath, but it did not last once I was dried off. I also had an issue getting it to completely dissolve, I think that was mostly due to the temperature of the bath water. A tip when using any of these products, warm or hot bath water is ideal for them to dissolve in my experience. I'm lucky enough to have jets in my bath tub & I use them almost always with LUSH bath products. This bath bomb was fun, but it isn't one that I think I will be re-purchasing.

Dragon's Egg-While I was underwhelmed by Phoenix Rising, I was absolutely thrilled with the performance of this little ball! The fragrance is wonderfully layered with citrus & feminine scents that last for quite a while after you've stepped out of the bath. This "egg" puts on quite a show when it dissolves-first it's white, then it's orange. Then they swirl together! Next is glitter, followed by a finale of dissolving rice paper confetti. All in all it is a spectacular bath bomb that has risen to the top of my "must have" bath product list!

Rose Queen-  I just used this last night. It turned the water a pretty pinkish color & the rose scent did linger on my skin overnight. I have to say this is my least favorite one of the bunch. Only because of the rose "petals" that appear as it dissolves. They did not look like petals to me, more like fragments of rose plants. Personally, I do not like chunks of things floral or otherwise floating in my bath. I actually cut my bath short because every time I looked around I saw UFFP's un-identified-floral-floating-pieces. Luckily they did not stick to my skin as I got out. All in all love, the pink color & scent, not the floaters!

Butterball- I loved this one! It has a gorgeous vanilla & ylang ylang scent that is not over powering but perfect to linger in the bath with. As it dissolves it releases chunks of cocoa butter that melt into the bath and moisturize your skin. This is the PERFECT bath bomb of the winter, it felt as if I was in such a luxurious bath the entire time. If you are ever in need of a relaxing, beautiful bath experience this is the ticket!

Sakura- I was not paying attention to the temperature of the water when I dropped this one in my bath, so it did not dissolve very well. If you are looking to enjoy a bath full of colored water with an amazing fragrance, this is not the bath bomb for you. It looks & smells great, but once it finally did dissolve I was left with clear bath water with almost no scent at all. Accoring to LUSH's site it is supposed to smell like mimosa & jasmine, I'm a jasmine addict so I was really wanting to love this. Instead I will go with Butterball or Dragon's Egg for an awesome bath experience!

All that Jas- This is the final bath bomb of this review & let me tell you, I saved the very best for last! I kind of knew I would love this before I even used it, as I mentioned I'm a total lover of jasmine scented items & this did not disappoint. It is such a cute little sphere with its mint coloring & flower details. As it dissolves it turns the water a beautiful aqua blue color & fills the entire bath with a lovely, bright, gorgeous jasmine scent! I'm in love, as long as LUSH carries this product it will be in every order. After my bath I continued to smell hints of jasmine, it was wonderful. For those of you who are not into glitter, bits in your bath or crazy scents this is absolutely perfect! If you are looking to place your first order online & are skeptical about all of the other products just choose this one. You'll thank me later. ;)

Now...onto the bubble bars! Before I get started I just want to tell you that we have a jet-bathtub in our house. So my results with all bath products are based on using them in our bath. I feel like this is especially important for you to know in regards to the bubble bars. I wish I had taken pictures because there were some serious bubble mountains going on! Because of the size of our tub & my addiction to lots & lots & lots of bubbles at once, I used all of these bars whole in my individual baths, but you can totally break them apart & get 3-5 bubbly baths out of them. I just have a problem. :)

Temple of Truth- I have ordered this particular bar multiple times, it does not disappoint. It is one of my favorite LUSH products to use when the world has gotten to me & I'm feeling beaten up & exhausted.  The smell on this bar is very light, according to LUSH it is scented with sandalwood & rosewood, both can be really pungent & strong, but that is not the case here. It is a beautifully layered scent that makes a relaxing bath truly special. The bubbles for me (again, jet-tub, whole bar), lasted for well over an hour, which was pretty amazing. Great product that I recommend if you are new to LUSH.

Green- I'm almost as obsessed with this as I am the All that Jas-Bath Bomb! Beautiful green water, lovely lime & citrus smell. Uplifting & invigorating, this little green stack really packs a punch! It produces a really clean scent that does not disappoint. As for the bubbles, well they were AMAZING! Fluffy & soft, just a girls dream when it comes to a bath. I actually used this in a bath with my husband, a rare treat since work keeps us apart often. If you are looking for something to try on a date-night-in this would be a spectacular addition. You can of course twist the two halves apart & get two baths of use...but who wants to do that when you can have mountains & mountains of bubbles all at once?

I did have two other products in my order, Ex-Factor & Magic Mushroom. Both were really great, but they were limited edition for Valentines Day. Do not be upset! LUSH has just launched this seasons EASTER collection. From what I can see online it looks like there are a few new fun themed products just waiting for you!

So if you decide to try some LUSH products in the future leave me a comment & let me know how it goes. Also if you would like me to review the array of other LUSH products I have experienced over the years let me know!!!

Hope you're having a great day! Bye guys!

****All photos used are from LUSH's USA website & are not my own.****