Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Some of Our Crew!

When Justin & I first met he shared with me that he was the father to 4 amazing, beautiful children. Hard to believe that first conversation happened almost 4 years ago & that our family has grown so much with love & new pets! Currently his oldest daughter lives in Colorado with her mother & his 3 younger children are with us in Alaska. :) I feel myself growing into a better step-parent & person every day as I share my life with these amazing kids, creatures, and of course my man Justin! 

The twins! Nikoli & Lilliana. Age 5. Nikoli is a total guys-guy, just like his Dad! Lilliana is all about the color pink, baking & laughing!
Danielle! Age 4. A tomboy at heart, she will get into anything & enjoys playing outside & coloring!

Kobuk the American Eskimo puppy. The newest addition to the Leader Crew. He was a surprise gift to me from Justin! There will be plenty of photos of him as he grows!  
Myself & Justin on our wedding day. Justin is a Union Mechanic who currently works on Alaska's North Slope. He has worked all over the state on lots of neat projects. I have also put in time on the North Slope, as well as other remote camps throughout the state. Together we share a lot of laughs, snow-machine rides, camping adventures & the occasional date night out!